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  • sledge sledge Feb 1, 2011 20:18 Flag

    Is Harry Stupid!?

    I agree with your line-ups per each competition.
    we did really well with 4-4-2 last season! We won 20 of the 38 PL games. We now have only 10 wins in 23, I don't see us getting another 10 in the last 15. The lack of goals is really costing us. We do need another striker upfront quite badly.

    As for 4-5-1 in CL... I agree Pav is better suited to that style of game. And it helps release Bale and Lennon down the wings.

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    • That's it then me and sledge for Spurs, joint managers! In all seriousness if we can see that the 4-4-2 in the league is a winning formula someone give 'Arry a tinkle!

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      • The problem is Denise (welcome by the way) with your line up we have no holding MF and with the dodgy defence we have we have to have one otherwise we would let in even more goals than we are now.

        The problem started, and it was pointed out at the time, when we bought VDV. He is not regarded as a striker so won't be one of the two up front (although I would not mind seeing that tried personally) and he is too much like Modric who we cannot drop.

        The team selection and balance has been thrown by trying to fit VDV into the team and of course because he has done so well he has to start when he is fit. Whilst VD is obviously a top class player who we are lucky to have, we bought him as a last minute thing without much thought as to how he was going to fit in.

        If you took VDV out of the equation the team pretty much picks itself and it was the bedrock of our success last season. Now, we are going with 5 across the MF and one up front. Crouch is not good enough and Defoe cannot operate as a lone striker. It doesn't work and A) everybody knows it B) we have done nothing about it and C) THERE IS NO PLAN!!

        Arry is a master at pulling strings with no money and getting the very best out of mediocre players but it seems he is not capable of a medium/long term plan. I hate to say it but both fergie and Whinger have shown they are capable of having a long term plan buying players often years before they are ready/needed.

        It seems to me Arry is out of his depth a little at a club with money. And I am/have been one of Arry's biggest supporters.

      • Joint Managers! I'm up for that... Nice one Denise ;) Levy could have two brains for the price of one. I don't mind splitting Harrys wages between us... lol :P

        Now, I do agree VdV is way too good to drop. But should we allow that to cost us points? It doesn't make sense.
        4-4-2 with Lennon, VdV, Modric & Bale does indeed leave us lacking somehat in defence. But we're suffering even more so upfront. That's what's really hurting us this season.
        I'd go with trying VdV in a more advanced strikers role alongside either Pav, Defoe or Crouch.
        Modric is a good enough creator, and obviously supported on either side by Bale and Lennon with either Sandro or Wilson giving some security behind. VdV doesn't need to play behind a striker when he's showing that he's more capable of putting the ball into the net than our regular forwards.

        The most important thing is to give him a more defined role... because things are certainly looking somewhat out of phase when on the attack.
        And when you cannot score goals, it makes the defences job that much more fragile.

        Balance to the force must be restored ;)