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  • Robert Robert Mar 8, 2011 02:13 Flag

    SANDRO-every time he play we get 4

    Like all players that come in from outside the premiership he needed time to adjust. His performance against Inter was good. His performance against Wolves (if you watched the game) was terrific. He didn't stop running, was covering both left and right in all the defense positions, and still had enough in him to support the forwards and linked the play well.

    If you want someone to blame for the silly goals that have been given away recently its not Sandro

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    • Sandro nearly won it for us when he stole the ball in the box very guttsy, but unfortunatly Defoe hit the post. :)

      I'm liking him more and more, and he seems to think more and uses his head unlike Palacios who picks up too many yellows.

    • I watched the game on TV and thought exactly the same. He was a workhorse for the whole time with major contributions all over the park. I was very impressed by him. He seems to be adapting to the EPL now.
      Although he failed to stop the cross for the equaliser at the end he was the one who raced back to try and cover the vacant right back position.