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  • Steve Steve Feb 3, 2011 08:25 Flag

    One step forward two steps back!

    Ive been a supporter since i was a boy in the eariy 1950s i stood outside edmonton town hall and watched the bus bring the double side along the high road ive been to the lane with my dad and seen all the great players from the billy nicholson side right till the present side and while i have never lost my love and passion for spurs sadly the people who have been running our club have not sharedour the supporters passion we used to be a club that attracted and bought the best players even when we were not at the top in stead of expecting to beat the top teams harry thinks we dun fantastic we got a draw and what a fantastic side we played i dont no about you but i find that attitude all wrong you never hear fergie or vinnager make those excuses they expect to win and if they dont its a failure maybe our management teem should rethink their attitude and stop settling for medioka and give us back our pride

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    • steve r, what management team? do we actually have one in place? if so they really don't know their arse from their elbow! have we even got a coach for the defence(please note that's how the english spell the word correctly)? clearly not, and please don't shout in your post!