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  • KURT KURT Feb 3, 2011 08:40 Flag

    One step forward two steps back!

    Having only been born in the late 60's I never got the chance to see the great team that we were back then.

    My 37 years as a Spurs fan has seen us put together teams that were 90% to becoming great without ever slotting those last pieces in to place. I belong to the generation of Spurs fans that is used to riding the rollercoaster of ecstasy and agony.

    I'd prefer to think of our current team as 2 steps forward 1 step back rather than the other way round. It's certainly one of the Spurs teams with the most potential that I've seen in my time and recent seasons have been one of the most exciting times to be a Spurs fan. Whatever else, being a Spurs fan's never dull !!!

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    • Hi All and cheers for the comments. I do post occassionally but have been on the message board for a few years now. Its good to vent with fellow YIDS.

      Kurt i do agree that we have been making steady progress 2 steps forward 1 back, but just of late that momentum has stalled. We do need to find that again and quick as the poor form of Liverpool and chelsea seem to be a thing of the past now.

      Last night was a good 3 points depsite another poor performance so no complaints there. WHat annoys me is our use of fringe players. I get frustrated when other teams bring in young players who are given a proper chance to develop. We seem to just buy young loan out and then we never see them again.
      This goes in hand with the likes of Gio and Pav. Pav needs a good run like any striker and as for Gio well who knows. It seems weird that a large majority of us see potential but Harry plays Crouch all the time.
      And lastly I still think Cudincini should start some games. Gomes despite some grate saves is having a very negative effect on the back four in my opinion and needs dropping. An outfield player making the mistakes he has would have been dropped long ago.