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  • sledge sledge Feb 3, 2011 00:38 Flag

    Tonight v Blackburn

    So we have no Bale or Modric at the moment. Two of our best most creative players this season. And with Dawson out with a ban amongst the other injuries we have.
    What do you wish to see as our line-up and formation for tonight?

    I'm hoping for 4-4-2 with
    Hutton, Bassong, Gallas, BAE
    Lennon, Jenas, Kranjcar, Pienaar
    VdV, Defoe

    Fat chance it will happen, But that's what i'd be putting out on the pitch at Blackburn

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    • 'arry is now talking down whether we can catch Chelsea. It will all come down to who makes the most 'ricks' and I still have a sneaking suspicion that City, despite their spending, aren't as robust as they could be. Maybe Chelsea will press on, but are City catchable?

    • Having just watched it I have to give the lads their due - ground out what is a very good 3 points all things considered.

      I think Defoe still looks lacking. His first touch was poor and on form he could have made things a bit easier for us. Not suprised he got subbed for Sandro in the end.

      Must admit half way through the second half I was hoping Harry would take Defoe off, bring Kranjcar on, move Lennon to the right and drop VdV in behind Crouch. I think that would have given us a better shape and maybe allowed us an outlet to take the pressure off a little.

      Overall though I'm a happy little bunny tonight. Now fingers crossed I can get tickets for me and the missus to see the Stoke game when they go on general sale (only match she can get time off for) and it'll be a good couple of days :)

    • Watched it on Football First (IMO better than MOTD as they show more of the match).

      Gomes was surely man of the match for his saves - we could have been 5 or 6 goals down otherwise. Blackburn threw everything but the kitchen sink at us in the final quarter of the game but we withstood the onslaught (forgive the dramatics but hey why not).

      Sublime pass by vdV for the Crouch goal - not sure about him climbing on Samba's shoulders to score and if Samba had gone down it'd no doubt have been disallowed - but let's not take away from vdV's vision to pick him out. Beckhamesque - maybe he's been taking lessons at Spurs Lodge ;-)

      Have to admit Jenas has much improved now he's relatively injury-free and that goal-line clearance he clearly knew nothing about shows he's more than happy to get stuck in.

      Given the injuries it wasn't a bad game - as somebody said earlier (Rambr0?) not pretty but 3 points in the bag so I ain't complaining!

    • Well put KM,

      With a heavily injured squad and on current form I happy with that scoreline and more importantly a clean sheet!

      I can't wait for MOTD,



    • Was a decent showing all things considered. VDV was a man posessed in the first half and that cross from halfway betrween the halfway line and the 18 yard box...right to left was pin-point laser-guided ecstasy (that said, Samba should've done better...looked like he was wondering where Crouch was rather than dealing with the ball)...Crouch made no mistake.

      I'll leave some of it unsaid so you can enjoy the game yourselves

      We definitely needed that 3 points, of course we need them all, but with the Chavs all souped up for the run in we're really going to have to pull our socks up (still got 6-pointers against them, the goons and Citeh, so its not impossible).

    • Listening to Phil Thompson, it sounds like we ground out another three points, KM. That'll do for me though!

    • Hey Kentish - Gomes made some great saves all through the game - and definitely saved our bacon on more than one occasion. Jenas also had a good game - again making some key saves. I thought the lads really gutted this one out - it wasn't a pretty win, and there was everything from the sublime to the ridiculous - but a win is a win - keeps us in touch - and it was a clean sheet. If we can gut this out until we get our injuries sorted we will be O.K.
      Also - although he came on late - it seemed to me that Sandro is starting to get the hang of our game, and I think once he settles a little more we will see why we brought him into the club - I think he has a great future with the side.

    • Tbh, I think that with all the hype behind Bale and Lennon has made us scrap the way we used to play last season with two strikers upfront. This game could either be played how it would be last season, or could just be disaster. However, i feel defoe/ or crouch are nearing and pretty much NEED goals now!

      Good luck, hopefully Jenas wants to make his mark, If only all our young players were as anxious as him to impress Harry. :P

    • Sledge,

      I heard Gallas wasn't starting! Hence all the chat about woodgate playing tonight, We also have the SA centre back, who must get a chance.

      Also Blackburn can be fairly physical, if Wilson is fit he might make more sense centrally. Other than those possible changes I'd agree with your suggested starting 11, I not sure we have that many other options!

      We must win tonight! no points no 4th!


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      • Thanks Joe,
        I forgot Gallas was out too! Too many injuries to remember them all!

        I see what you mean about the physical side to this fixture... I thought maybe Jenas could stand up to it somewhat? I know... being a bit overly optimistic on that one... lol
        But yes! Being an away fixture, I think Palacios for the second half ;)
        I'd just like to see us playing a proper 4-4-2 .... none of that 4-4-1-1 that just doesn't seem to suit us

    • eh! I meant to put Pav instead of Defoe... But i'd be happy with Daffy to play :)