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  • Joe Joe Feb 3, 2011 02:33 Flag

    Tonight v Blackburn


    I heard Gallas wasn't starting! Hence all the chat about woodgate playing tonight, We also have the SA centre back, who must get a chance.

    Also Blackburn can be fairly physical, if Wilson is fit he might make more sense centrally. Other than those possible changes I'd agree with your suggested starting 11, I not sure we have that many other options!

    We must win tonight! no points no 4th!


    • Thanks Joe,
      I forgot Gallas was out too! Too many injuries to remember them all!

      I see what you mean about the physical side to this fixture... I thought maybe Jenas could stand up to it somewhat? I know... being a bit overly optimistic on that one... lol
      But yes! Being an away fixture, I think Palacios for the second half ;)
      I'd just like to see us playing a proper 4-4-2 .... none of that 4-4-1-1 that just doesn't seem to suit us