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  • RAMBR0 RAMBR0 Feb 6, 2011 01:16 Flag

    So how was our 2-1 victory

    I don't think they're showing the match on any station I can watch over here...so, I need an eye-witness match report. Thye showed Bolton's goal and looked like it went underneath Gomes...should he have had it?

    Other games...just watched our goon chappies up the road fall apart aagainst the Toon...does my heart good that (oh and di you see my boy Nile Ranger...buy that kid Harry, I'm tellin' ya.

    Also saw the Stoke Sunderland match and ...how did I miss that Sunderland bought Muntari...ok, he did run out of gas in the end and probably contributed to his team's loss, but you could see him huffing and pufing long before they finally took him...Bruce, what are you thinking? Other than that his pasing was sublime when he gas in the tank. On the other side, the crosses that our ex-Spur Etherington and especially his wing-partner the ex-goon Pennant put in where absolute class. Stoke didn't give up and were rewarded...

    Good entertaining games today...nice one PL!!

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    • the day just gets better... wolves 2 - utd 1!

      well done wolves, hope u stay up.

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      • good summary guys.

        yeh bolton are a good team with a good manager & made it hard for u.

        although i do feel if battenburg had allowed VdV 2nd pen to stand like he should have, we would have gone on to win by 3 or 4.

        at 1-0 u always fancied them to nick 1 with the way we have been defending lately.

        he disallowed the pen for encrouchment but the fact is the bolton players encrouched on his missed pen.

        the 1st half was the best attacking display iv seen from us for at least 5 or 6 games.

        we looked suspect defensively again thou.

        great goal by niko. pleased for him because he deserves to be playing when u consider bale, modric & now VdV are injured.

        id definitly put him ahead of pienaar who was average again.

        a lot better than our recent performances but no where near what we can do.

        great comeback from the toon to upset wenger & his boys!
        they are blaming the ref now, after all the dives & dodgy pens they have been getting in the last few week it was well deserved.

        match of the day will be great tonight!

        i agree rambro about nile ranger, so strong & fast!
        whenever he comes on he looks a real handful!

        i wouldnt mind taking over from keane as our 4th choice.

        made a mug out of dawson & got kos of arsenal sent off too.

        although u did miss out that kyle walker scored a thunderbolt.
        iv got high hopes from him as our future no1 RB!.

        not had a chance to post, but it was a very good win away to blackburn. not in terms of performance but in terms of result.

        im liking the way we have a lot of injuries & not playing well BUT we are grinding out results. kind of like utd for the majority of the season.

        hope VdV not out for too long & we have bale back soon!

        ps. dawson was great against the aerial threat of davies & elmander for most of the game. we miss his height. strength & aerial prowess as gallas & bassong arent as good in the air.
        if only he could run too!

    • Watched the game online. Should have been a couple up in the first half, with two penalties. It was a tough game as Bolton worked hard and defended well keeping Defoe quiet.
      Gomes should have had the goal, the ball went under him. Was a terrible effort considering the saves he made against Blackburn.
      Overall a typical game against Bolton. Although being at home we did defend alot better. Good pressure towards the end paid off with a great goal from Niko. Thought it was gonna be another one of those games.
      Need liverpool and chelsea to draw.