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  • benidorm spur benidorm spur Feb 7, 2011 08:21 Flag

    excited like a child

    as i live in liverpool im close enough to go to places like the trafford centre in mancester. the wife took me shopping.
    we drove past old trafford , my first time seeing the big place and i always love seeing stadiums and think of all the things that have gone on in them.

    that lead me to think of going to the lane soon for the first time and what im gonna feel like .
    anyway i know its a little bit off what we normal talk about but i wondered what ur first time was like and is it the same everytime u go back??

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    • thanks mel great advice, just looking to get a pint with the wife, before the game and soak up the event. cant wait to listen to all the excitment of the derby.

    • I was 9 years old, 1961, and I always stood at the Paxton Road end down in the east corner (back then - there were no seats at either end - it was the good old days of the terraces). To be honest I can't remember who we played, but I do remember the team - Brown, Baker, Henry, Blanchflower, Norman, Mackay, Dyson, White, Smith, Greaves, Jones.
      I used to travel across London with my neighbor Alan (he was a lot older at 11) hopping buses and tubes to Liverpool Street, then up on the train. Program was thruppence, entry into the ground was (I think) 1 shilling.
      As far as I can remember the sun was always shining, and we always won the game ......I still have some of the programs from the 60's - Man. Utd., Sheffield United, Wolves, West Ham, Bolton, Notts Forest, Fulham, Burnley, Chelsea, F.C. Slovan, Dukla Prague.
      It was a different time - a few years before the terrace violence started.
      Always got to the ground early, the stadium seemed huge, and the grass incredible green - the other yids were always supportive and considerate for the kids - great memories.

    • First time I was 17 I think and never been to any football match before let alone a stadium like WHL.

      I was so excited and also very intimidated with the swarms of people shouting and singing and chanting.

      I remember when I was in the ground sat quite high up thinking how steep it was and that if a slipped over I would just fall all the way to the pitch lol.

      I was also very quiet the first half and then found myself shouting and joining and chants of YIDS!

      I cant remember who we were playing or what the result was but I know we scored and some fella about 40 years old sat next to me grabbed me and we jumped about in celebration :o)

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      • ie been to see a few games in devon, went to see torquay vs chelsea preseason when gulliet was playing and then various plymouth and exeter games too. and the first game of torquay vs exeter was a real buzz of going to a ground, ok its was onyl a few tousand there but i was only little it looked like amillion.

        but now the thought of 36 thousand people at the lane makes me feel like a child. cant wait to go and soak it all up.

        wheres the best pub to get a drink beofre??? want to go and look round before the game and listen to the buzz. i never hear of any trouble bu as it will be a derby against the goons is there anywhere to stay away from as i wil be with the wife.

    • Can't exactly remember my first actual visit but do remember going with my oldest brother carrying an orange box so I could see . We used to stand behind the Park Lane goal with his mates. When there was a really big crowd all us youngsters were passed over the heads to the front and we'd sit against the wall so we didn't get crushed in the swaying crowd. Tremendous atmosphere when Spurs came out to MacNamarra's Band. I can still remember, when I was older, being there with 65-70,000 in the ground. Those were tremendously electric atmospheric times. Used to go week and week about with a gooner, WHL and Highbury, never same atmosphere at Arsenal games, though I might have been biased
      Stopped going on a really regular basis when I got married in 1971 and moved away to Hemel Hempstead. Marriage and work commitments.
      Rarely go now. Live even further away and cost is so prohibitive now with travelling and ticket prices. Still a great atmosphere last game I went to. Spurs 5-0 against Roma. Hopeful for the Blackpool meet-up.