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    Daniel Levi's statement....?

    I have just read this on the official THFC site.
    What a very strong case he has put forward regarding the Olympic Stadium bid.
    Having read this and the reasons why we are having the problems of re-developing WHL I would say we will be moving home in a couple of years.
    Now before you want to lynch me, I must be the oldest, or one of the oldest on this site, having loved and followed the Spurs for more than 5 decades and I would hate the thought of moving and even more so losing our name.
    BUT, having read this powerful statement of facts and the prolems being put in our way regarding the re-development of WHL ground, I have to say I'm am really getting enthusiastic about moving to the Olympic Stadium in a few years time.
    There are so many positives from the partnership with AEG and the move, for us to walk away from WHL if we get the OPLC vote.
    Problems 1: We will cause the O's considerable strife because we will be so near their ground, but we normally play home games on alternate week-ends already.
    2:The Hammers, especially that Brady woman, will hate us even more.
    3: But for me mostly because it will be such a sadness to lose our TOTTENHAM name and
    leave our current ground, but we weren't always there so it's not as if it's really our spiritual home.
    The pluses are sooo many, infrastructure and capacity of the ground being the main ones.
    If we are to return to our rightful place at the top table of English footbal and be in Europe on a regular basis, as we used to be, or would have under the same criteria as nowadays, then we have to have a large crowd week in week out.
    The AEG side of the partnership will also produce strong revenue throughout the year.
    Any thoughts that are printable would be appreciated but please read the statement first then add your thoughts. COYS

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    • We'd probably only get a proportion of the gate receipts - and then likely a fixed sum rather than a percentage (though I could be wrong).

      Doubtful we'd end up with more tickets to than if we played at home and I shouldn't think enough AC Milan fans would travel to fill their allocation - though they wouldn't give us more than we're entitled to :-(

    • yes i forgot the finals there.

      but i wasnt saying it from an atmosphere pt of view.
      just meant we could have more spurs fans get tickets & also make more money. but i no nothing about buisness, so i dont know if in fact we wouldnt make any extra cash when u include the hiring of wembley stadium (or whatever deal they would do?)

    • Playing at Wembley any time this season would be a no-no because the final is being played there in May so it's highly unlikely the FA or UEFA would allow it. In any case, the atmosphere wouldn't be the same for a knockout game other than the final.

      I hate it when they play FA Cup semi finals there (even though I got to go last season when we lost to Pompey) - I think it devalues the final and lessens the thrill of going to Wembley for the chance to lift some silverware. They should go back to playing at the various premiership grounds as they used to, but they won't because it's all about generating cash these days isn't it.

    • Just wanted to add a little bit to my last post regarding this topic: In response to 'Its' original post on this issue - your statement was that "we weren't always there (Tottenham) so it's not as if it's really our spiritual home". Read the history books mate - we have always been in Tottenham (Tottenham Marshes, Northumberland Park then WHL) and that is the point!

      The most disturbing thing of the past few weeks is that the same board that was happy to celebrate (and make money out of) 125 years of Spurs history back in 2007 would also be happy to p*ss all over it.

      Thank goodness we are not going to the East End, but for the sake of our club we must resist any move out of the Borough. We are Tottenham, Super Tottenham......there is only one Team in North London!!

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      • Well said Shelf-Boy.
        I'm 100% with you on keeping our home where our roots are.
        But what do we do when the Borough we call our spiritual home is trying to hold us to ransom and attempting to rip us off left, right and centre?
        I'm disgusted at how Haringey have behaved in this matter. They ought to be doing there best to help THFC grow further and improve the clubs status. It would in-turn benefit the whole area.
        Because let's face it, Haringey is the biggest dump in London.
        THFC is the only jewel in this cr&phole.

        Yes the board is thinking in terms of £s. But you may aswell blame SKY for that.
        THFC are trying to move forward, but Haringey feel that means the club should do the councils job and not only improve transport links and the area... but help them to line there pockets too.

    • Redknapp says "We need a new 60,000 seater stadium because we haven't got room to accommodate all the people that want to come and watch us every week."

      hahahaha that'll cost a fortune - keep them out of contention for the next 20 years while they pay for it, just like Ar5enal - hahahahahaha

    • Well, I read the Levy Statement and its slant tells me his mind is made up as to how the club moves forward.
      There was a lack of detail supporting either option (Northumberland - local or Olympic Stadium in Stratford). He made a point of illustrating (again with little detail) how it was basically out of our hands (landowners holding out for extortionist [my words] money). Shame you can't enact eminent domain for Football Staduims...what am I saying...I'm kidding of course.

      Now that Man City quip in post before mine...with all due respect Man City fans not only don't face the prospect of their name changing, they also aren't leaving an area of the city to their hated interloping rivals (we were there first, right?). Can you hear the red half of N. London baying at the moon like a pack of werewolves!

      Again, that previous paragraph, along with the fact that while WHL isn't our original (ancestral) home, I'll disagree with lts and say it is our spiritual home, are the basic fan concerns about a move to East London.

      Most fans agree that we need a bigger stadium to move forward, but I wonder how much of that 35,000 paid waiting list disappears once the team's moved out of the neighbourhood. Yes, Spurs are bigger than your garden variety neighbourhood team (poor old Orient are sh*tting themselves as well they should given the circumstances (someone on their side said that a basic law or by-law of the league (or was it FA) would be broken if we move to Stratford and that law involves the proximity of clubs to one another (can't remember the details, sorry); we were rightly pissed off when the goons came to our neck of the woods and for some of the same reasons.

      Well, I can ramble on ad infinitum...but luckily for you all, I wont. We'll see how this plays out.

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      • Rambro i am not saying we should move to Stratford i hope we do not, mentioning Citeh has i did meant just moving stadium, i hope and pray we can find a space in Tottenham but whatever and where ever we need a stadium that is bigger than what we have at the minute, we do not have to spend the massive investment that is needed as fans although our entrance money does go towards its revenue it will be nowhere enough.
        Levy would have done his homework being the money man he is alongside Mr Lewis and he has seen that Stratford offers the best way forward for the club, however and i agree with you not the best move for the adoring fans and Tottenham as an area, i was just pointing out that the move to a bigger and better stadium capacity wise and the fact of attracting better players because of Champions League football is the right thing to do, i would suspect that if we do not take up the option of the Northumberland project there would be very few other parts in Tottenham that we could build on, i hope we can find some sort of agreement to stay where we are but one thing is for sure we need a bigger stadium.

    • I heard Barry Hearn talking about the move a couple of weeks back and to me his objection to the move was the most valid. Both us and WHU are thinking of ourselves only (the coporate 'club') - the knock on effect of either club winning the bid to a small club like Leyton could be catastrophic.
      I'm not a great lover of 'might is right' and big business - so my vote (if I had one) would go against us (and WHU for that matter).

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      • I have great reservations of moving as i love where we are and the atmosphere it generates, my journeys to the Lane are always 100 miles as i live in the midlands and attend a lot of games both home and away, i love the ground and have been attending matches since 1968.
        I can however see what Levy is saying purely from a success point of view and being a major force in Europe, firstly the ground holds just over 36,000 not enough to satisfy our fans, i am not a season ticket holder but have been and at present a member but sometimes i dont get a ticket for certain matches, there no doubt if we had a 60,000 stadium we would still fill it so from that point i think we need to do something whether it be the olympic stadium or elsewhere.
        Point 2 if we are to be a succesful team we need a stadium to be top quality, also we would have the revenue to compete with the best and attract top class footballers, i dont think the Citeh fans wanted to move from Main Road but you dont hear them grumbling anymore, i really have mixed feelings on this and i wish there could be an happy medium but the facts are there we need a bigger capacity and a world class stadia so we can at least be on a level playing field with the 2 Manchester clubs.