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  • A Yahoo! User Feb 9, 2011 17:24 Flag

    Daniel Levi's statement....?

    Rambro i am not saying we should move to Stratford i hope we do not, mentioning Citeh has i did meant just moving stadium, i hope and pray we can find a space in Tottenham but whatever and where ever we need a stadium that is bigger than what we have at the minute, we do not have to spend the massive investment that is needed as fans although our entrance money does go towards its revenue it will be nowhere enough.
    Levy would have done his homework being the money man he is alongside Mr Lewis and he has seen that Stratford offers the best way forward for the club, however and i agree with you not the best move for the adoring fans and Tottenham as an area, i was just pointing out that the move to a bigger and better stadium capacity wise and the fact of attracting better players because of Champions League football is the right thing to do, i would suspect that if we do not take up the option of the Northumberland project there would be very few other parts in Tottenham that we could build on, i hope we can find some sort of agreement to stay where we are but one thing is for sure we need a bigger stadium.

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    • I read Levy's statement all the way through and with great interest. And for a while there I was drawn in and started to think that this could indeed be a wise move for Spurs.

      However, upon quiet reflection I have reverted back to my original way of thinking....that a move away from Tottenham would be a disaster for us ticket paying fans. If I can be selfish for a moment; Tottenham (despite being the sh*thole that it is) is only 20 mins away from my front door and I find the thought of travelling to Stratford to see my team bl**dy annoying.

      However, this of course is not the only reason for my resistance to a move. I was at the Lane on Saturday and visited the usual pub (Bricklayers Arms) with all of its history, quirkiness and atmosphere. There are many such pubs around the Lane and other small businesses that have built up due to their proximity to the ground. What will happen to these pubs if Spurs move away and do we think that will we find such atmospheric places in Stratford?

      To me, the whole experience of attending WHL is more than just about going to the ground to see a game. It's also about meeting your mates, having a couple of pints, discussing the team, joining in the singing and then wandering up the High Road just in time for kick-off. It's about all of those things that are familiar to you as a supporter and that create the experience surrounding the game - things that Mr Levy & Co never, ever get to experience!

      My point is that (whatever you feel about the Tottenham area and how rough it is) all of this history will be lost in one fell swoop if we move out of the borough. Once again this is all about big business trampling all over the people that have build that big business in the first place i.e. us, the supporters. The attraction of the Olympic Stadium may be a big one for the Club, but we as supporters should look beyond the big shiny stadium and the great transport links and stand by the history that we have created. Take a moment to consider the glory, glory nights (and afternoons) that you have had around the Tottenham High Road and ask if you will ever get that again if Spurs are the East End.

      So in my opinion we should all SAY NO TO STRATFORD!

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      • Well put.
        Irrespective of motive and benefit to the club, a larger ground is a benefit to all (small businesses, fans on waiting lists). So the question will end up being (assuming we don't get the Olympic Stadium) - where? If the council, transport and local landowners make it impossible to re-develop, where does it leave the club?

        The new financial rules will stuff us if we're still in a 36,000 seater stadium.

        Rock and hard place come to mind.

    • At first I thought the mooting of a move to the Olympic Stadium was a ruse by Levy to get the local council to play ball. Unfortunately they didn't fall for it and therefore we have been pushed towards actually taking it seriously.

      The playing of this card has serioulsy weakened our stance as the local council now have the upper hand. Of course if Levy could get the stadium he wants, and we need, in or near the existing one that would suit everybody better but to do that we either have to make some concessions or shell out a ridiculous amount of dosh.

      Not sure where this will end but I cannot see us being awarded the Olympic site anyway and if that is the case the local Council will have us even more over the barrel than they do now.

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      • It just seems so short sighted of the council.
        Isn't it the case that we ended up with two sets of plans, the first set rejected as certain buildings weren't kept, and then the rejigged (more costly plans) with those buildings incorporated?
        The major snag being that if THFC did leave the area, then all the buildings (and related small businesses) in the area will all die anyway.
        Surely to keep THFC in the 'Haringey' area and to increase the scope of the business is in everyone's interest - including Leyton Orient and WHU (as if I doubt Barry Hearn is tooooo concerned about WHU nicking their supporters - I would have thought that the concern may have been the other way round - ;-) - sorry Irons).
        Personally I'd like us to get the Olympic stadium for no other reason than to see Brady go into a an apoplectic fit