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  • sledge sledge Feb 14, 2011 05:44 Flag

    Daniel Levi's statement....?

    Well said Shelf-Boy.
    I'm 100% with you on keeping our home where our roots are.
    But what do we do when the Borough we call our spiritual home is trying to hold us to ransom and attempting to rip us off left, right and centre?
    I'm disgusted at how Haringey have behaved in this matter. They ought to be doing there best to help THFC grow further and improve the clubs status. It would in-turn benefit the whole area.
    Because let's face it, Haringey is the biggest dump in London.
    THFC is the only jewel in this cr&phole.

    Yes the board is thinking in terms of £s. But you may aswell blame SKY for that.
    THFC are trying to move forward, but Haringey feel that means the club should do the councils job and not only improve transport links and the area... but help them to line there pockets too.

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    • Hi shelf-boy. Played the Marshes myself, both Tottenham and Hackney.
      Now I didn't say we weren't always in Tottenham, I just said WHL was not our spiritual/ancestral home.
      No I don't want to move out of the borough but we need a bigger stadium and I can't stand the way Harringey council are holding THFC to ransom. Spurs have brought millions into Tottenham and the local shops as well as the council's coffers.
      Yet, as Sledge says, they are just trying to get us to pay for the work that they are supposed to be doing for the electorate.

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      • I can't blame the Council for trying to get the best they can for the Borough, after all, we see this sort of haggling every day of the week when builders want to put something up and the local council get them to put up a Library or Leisure Centre.

        Part of the problem here is that we are passionate about THFC and the Council are perahps not so much. Plus, THFC are a revenue generating entity that the Council would do well to bear in mind.

        If they are sensible about what they are asking for and THFC have the cash available, then there is a deal to be done here. Fingers crossed.