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  • MEL MEL Feb 11, 2011 22:46 Flag

    olympic stadium

    Oh joy of joy we have been turned down for the olympic stadium, i dont think i will sleep tonight.

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    • yeah such a sad old 60,000 seat stadium with excellent transport links....... that is why Spurs were prepared to lose their soul for it!!! and it's why they're going to embarrass themselves further with a court case. hahahahaha

    • Redknapp says "We need a new 60,000 seater stadium because we haven't got room to accommodate all the people that want to come and watch us every week."

      hahahaha that'll cost a fortune - keep them out of contention for the next 20 years while they pay for it, just like Ar5enal - hahahahahaha

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      • AFAIK (and Fab will correct me), haven't Woolwich already paid off their ground?

        I took a look earlier at average gates - my concern would be the other way - if WHU spend £100M on revamping the griound, what money will they have to bolster the squad, whether they stay in the EPL or not? The purchase for WH could be an albatross around their neck.

        Gate stats - WH at 10th may then have a problem drumming up the extra support to fill the ground - see: http://itv.stats.football365.com/dom/ENG/PR/attend.html

        Woolwich seem to do well - so the ground was a pretty astute move on their part.

    • I'm still not sure that this is good news at all.

      I'm concerned as to how long it will now take us to sort out a location (whether that's WHL enhanced or elsewhere).

      If the whole project has to restart, we could be talking years, and with the new UEFA rules coming in re income::expenditure, we could take a real hit. Let along the additional costs of building a 'new' stadium (wasn't the planned revamped WHL stadium somewhere about £400m with the OS alterations circa £300m?)

      It may be an 'emotional' thing to stay at WHL, but I bet Levy is very concerned about the implications of this decision.

      Wait for the appeal - that will tell you how serious they were in the first place.

    • Anyone any suggestions about where we might end up? Who else remembers a number of years ago when it was on the cards that we might be going to Pickett's Lock in Edmonton?