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  • boleyn boy boleyn boy Feb 12, 2011 20:08 Flag

    olympic stadium

    yeah such a sad old 60,000 seat stadium with excellent transport links....... that is why Spurs were prepared to lose their soul for it!!! and it's why they're going to embarrass themselves further with a court case. hahahahaha

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    • ok heres you best bet. not sure if spurs own there own ground, ? is it not possible to find a site located about 1/4 mile from your old ground? if so, why not do as arsenal did. revamp the old ground into a development project creating luxury apartments. doing that will give you xtra money on selllin g the apartments when there built. plus it could be money to pay off the loan.

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      • quote from bolyn boy. Redknapp says "We need a new 60,000 seater stadium because we haven't got room to accommodate all the people that want to come and watch us every week."

        hahahaha that'll cost a fortune - keep them out of contention for the next 20 years while they pay for it, just like Ar5enal - hahahahahaha

        arsenal payed 103 million last year off the load due to the highbury project. dont be a numb nuts every prem side has a big debt. and if managable can be paid every month dont forget arsenal debt is now 190 million, from over 300 million. bigger stadium means more revenue each week. arsenal generate 3 million per home game. as the saying goes you have to speculate to accumulate these days.