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  • HighRoadJohn HighRoadJohn Feb 13, 2011 19:13 Flag

    Tuesday's Big Game!

    Well, it looks like we're definitely without Luka, which is a big blow...not sure if 'arry is up to mischief re Gareth Bale, I should imagine Dougie Maicon is waking up in cold sweats until he knows one way or the other. The best we can hope for is a scoring draw at the SS, although I think we'll be chasing a one-goal deficit at the Lane. That in itself wouldn't be too bad. We've got to tighten up defensively, I'm still a bit concerned about Daws at the moment, he doesn't seem to be 100 pc fit to me, unable to turn quickly enough and he's lost half a yard somewhere since his long injury, but we can't rest him because of all the other injuries in that position, and God help us if Gallas turns up with ill-fitting shorts or something when Inter are on the attack!

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