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  • RAMBR0 RAMBR0 Feb 13, 2011 23:58 Flag

    Tuesday's Big Game!

    Are you sure about Sandro not being registered; wasn't there a second registration period last month (if there wasn't, what was all that talk about whether Harry leaves King off the roster and puts Woodgate on it (for the CL).

    Anyway, other thing...HighRoad...your "they don't like pace comment ...AND your Maicon nightmare comment where, I'm guessing, both aimed out Inter (who you self-corrected now know we aren't playing).

    As for the game...I thought of all the teams we cold get for this 1st round of the knock out stages, AC Milan would've been my pick (maybe its a "careful what you wish for" thing here). Anyway, I thought a lesser team wouoldn't bring out the "mean" in us, whereas Milan woul have us rise to the occasion...also the fact that they're not a team built on speed, like say, Marseilles. We don't do so well with speedy teams (Young Boys gave us a right scare; and Newcastle had our CB's reeling). I'm thinking Dawson on Ibra should be a doable project for our captain...he's a skilful player for sure, but not the fastest guy in the world.
    So no Bale and no Modric (Iim actually more nervous about the no Modric half of that equation, because while Bale can be that wildcard that turns a game on end, he's not like clockwork with it; whereas Modric is our trigger man and without a trigger, the gun wont shoot! Saturday we managed against a capable team, one the beat us down in the same fixture last year, albeit with some different faces in the team...but Sunderland aren't AC Milan and we'll probably get buried if we play a half of football like we did in the first half against The Cats.

    VDV will be back, but he alone will not be enough; whoever Harry puts on the teamsheet for Tuesday better have their gam face, game head and game heart on...and while I hate any loss, I can tolerate a 2-1 defeat (although I'd hate it if we were 0-1 up and threw it away in the last 15 minutes).

    Roll on Tuesday!

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    • Yes, Ram, I get very confused now I'm nudging my dotage. The reference to Maicon was in flashback to the mauling he took at the hands of GB, and I associated him with AC and the whole Milan thing.
      And I don't know very much about the game I love. :-(

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      • It's the old stadium share that's got you confused ;) on a bit of a tangent, I think sharing stadiums is brilliant, especially in a country as small as ours - the most one team needs it for is up to 3 games a fortnight, and they're so bleddy expensive. Anyway...

        I thought Modric was jogging by last Thursday, so there was a reasonably good chance of him playing? Just saw a question on vitalfootball which I thought was interesting: if you could only have 1 of Modric, VDV, and Bale playing which would you pick?

        I think I'd go for Modric, partly cos it seems most likely that he will so I've convinced myself he's the best option (I'm simple like that), but also because I think he adds a solidness to our game - that's badly phrased but you know what I mean. The other 2 can add flare but we seem to lack direction without Modric - I'm thinking in particular of the Charlton FA cup game here, it's a great example.

        Pooing my pants a bit about Tues, it'll be interesting to see which Spurs turn up (we've been showing signs of the one from Ramos's reign recently)

    • we are fickle yids!!

      let's not forget Defoe.......he'll score, I'm sure

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      • Let's hope Pavy can up his game and knock in a few too - it's about time and he does seem to get goals in the CL for us.

        Def think Krancjar should be given a run-out on the left - it'd be criminal not to capitalise on his performances in the last 2 games; Lennon on the right (with free range to cross over to the left as he's been doing lately) and Pienaar and preferably Sandro (if not Wilson - gulp!) in the middle we should hopefully hold our own.

        If Woody can get some time on the pitch that might also help stabilise our back four. Anyone know whether Hutton is injured as Charlie has been playing at RB for the last couple of games.