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  • HighRoadJohn HighRoadJohn Feb 14, 2011 01:31 Flag

    Tuesday's Big Game!

    Yes, Ram, I get very confused now I'm nudging my dotage. The reference to Maicon was in flashback to the mauling he took at the hands of GB, and I associated him with AC and the whole Milan thing.
    And I don't know very much about the game I love. :-(

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    • It's the old stadium share that's got you confused ;) on a bit of a tangent, I think sharing stadiums is brilliant, especially in a country as small as ours - the most one team needs it for is up to 3 games a fortnight, and they're so bleddy expensive. Anyway...

      I thought Modric was jogging by last Thursday, so there was a reasonably good chance of him playing? Just saw a question on vitalfootball which I thought was interesting: if you could only have 1 of Modric, VDV, and Bale playing which would you pick?

      I think I'd go for Modric, partly cos it seems most likely that he will so I've convinced myself he's the best option (I'm simple like that), but also because I think he adds a solidness to our game - that's badly phrased but you know what I mean. The other 2 can add flare but we seem to lack direction without Modric - I'm thinking in particular of the Charlton FA cup game here, it's a great example.

      Pooing my pants a bit about Tues, it'll be interesting to see which Spurs turn up (we've been showing signs of the one from Ramos's reign recently)