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  • i'm sorry we didnt get the new stadium ,
    amazed they would choose a club who look like championship contenders,
    a premiership side can maintain a stadium of that size, but a champioship side??... furthermore, i was surprised we let Robbie go to west ham, [i know it was 'arry's olde club] surely this would help them stay up which wouldnt help our cause.
    there may be an argument over losing our name, but we would always be spurs and more importantly it would mena being able to compete for more expensive players,it would also mena our children would have a great future to look forward to,

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    • im surprised he let Keen go there at all i seem to remember someone at West ham telling c Bellamy he could leave W H but not to join Tottenham and thats why he went to city

    • Lets just wait til the end of the season before we make sweeping statements shall we, WHUFC aren,t gone just yet......................

      As for Keane coming to us as a 'Harry favour'....dont make me laugh fella; Harry wouldnt piss on us if we were on fire...............

      let it all play out and see what happens.....................................



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      • I think Richie is in a minority here Irons. I certainly didn't want to win the bid for the OS and I don't favour a move just for the sake of it.

        Plus, I do not want to see WHU relegated. You are right about Keane as well. Arry wanted to sell him and would have preferred to do that to somebody else other than WHU but nobody else wanted him.

        Good luck.

    • Tottenham are and always should stay as Tottenham Hotspur , i have spoken to lot of Spurs fans and none have wanted to move from the lane i am from there and still only live 3 mile from the ground , it was made the legacy that is the Spurs just a few metres up church road from the high road that the great name was made.