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    North London Galacticos !


    Well done the Spurs! Absolutely Superb!

    What a fantastic night to prove beyond doubt Tottenham are back in business!

    Cheers, Derek

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    • Oops... why turning on the computer when I got in was a good idea I don't remember... oh dear...

    • How's the head, NBR? Bet you're the life and soul after a couple of Mackesons! ;-D

    • Now now children, play nice. I don't think there was any intention for offence on either part here, just a very minor disagreement; no need for either party to feel aggrieved.

      And I hereby apologise if neither of you did, I'm just steaming... gotta love this hour on a Friday night.

    • I would rather be "blind" than ignorant my dear boy.

      Saying it how it is in your funny World maybe - just not very many others.

      Never mind. You carry on making general sweeping statements Nick - it suits you.

    • LOL

      No back tracking, saying it how it is, same as I have all along, be as blind as you like my dear boy. dear oh dear lol

    • "hoards of people saying AC will rip us apart" is not "everyone" is it Nick. "Hoards" being a couple of columnists in your World by the looks of it and anyway, they might have said they though AC would win but "rip us apart"!!! Never saw that anywhere..

      Back tracking that is called my dear boy. Why not just admit you got carried away with yourself and made a sweeping statement that was clearly wrong insted of trying to justify it?

      And my first post on here was supporting the original post which said AC were not as good as they were which you consequently rubbished. I am not getting on any high horse - I just don't like sweeping statements that are so obviously that i.e. wrong.

    • lol have a look on all the news threads prior to the game my dear boy, hoards of people all saying AC will rip us apart cos they are so much greater than us.

      Now my first post in this thread was not even a reply to you so im unsure what your jumping on your high horse about?


    • Love the expansive use of sweeping statements Nick.

      I must admit I missed "everybody" saying before the match that Spurs didn't stand a chance. I did see quite a few on here that said we did stand a chance but perhaps you were looking somewhere else.

      also, I don't think anybody has said anything as bad as their Mum being able to beat them - more that they are not as good as they were which is, in a lot of peoples eyes, a fair assessment.

      Still, nothing like racheting up the reaction stakes with a few choice exagerations eh!

    • any victory away to european giants like AC is good.

      BUT i agree the italian league has been weak for over 10yrs now.
      they still havent moved on from their early 90s style of play which saw them domiante europe.

      it took jose to get the best out of a good inter team & turn them into CL winners.

      without jose that wouldnt have happened. look at inter now!

    • Shush, both Milan sides are every bit as good as they used to be, it's just that we're better ;)

      I'm not been holding back on my criticism of the team recently, but last night's what it's all about. Thought the first half was pretty dull, but when it started heating up it was exactly what we needed. I think 'Arry's right about being scared of the teams like Copenhagen, we need to have a challenge to rise to or else we don't put in the graft (granted, the recent PL games don't exactly support this statement...) - our route in the comp so far has been the hard way, I almost want it to continue so we're under no illusions about the challenges we face.

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