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  • Mc G Mc G Feb 17, 2011 18:01 Flag

    Was that better than the Inter performance?

    It was refreshing to see a more solid defensive formation work.
    I think since last season we may have got carried away with the attacking play and given to much emphasis on playing the best individuals (all attacking ones by chance) as you guys have mentioned.

    I agree that there is no 'one formation fits all' solution. At the Lane I do not see the need to play two defensive midfielders. We play well at home and have a good goals conceded record. This will allow us to play the likes of Modric and VDV together.

    Maybe away we need to pull back on the rains and resist the desire to go all out attack. If we can be as solid as the Milan game at places like Old trafford we can always catch teams on the break. This also allows more squad rotation and a rest for the likes of modric and VDV.