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  • Sfer Sfer Feb 28, 2011 19:24 Flag

    Where's Fab??

    There was a time when Fab was all over this board but he has gone strangely quiet.

    Loved that old Ar$e Paul Merson getting all shirty about the fact that Whinger had not done enough to sort out the Keeper and CB situation and that was going to cost them any chance of winning anything. Its not only us that are saying similar things about our defensive frailties.

    Goes to show - it doesn't matter how pretty the football is if you haven't got a stable defence you are in trouble. Perhaps that is why Manure have done so well despite many thinking the team is not as good as it was.

    All we need now for is for the MIGHTY O's to pull off a shock and for Spurs to get into the CL Final and it won't be a bad season at all will it.

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    • United are favourite to win the Prem no doubt about it but Arsenal are in a great position to overhaul them and you don't get to where we are at present in this league without being a good side.

      Biggest question (other than injuries) is wether Arsenal can hold their nerve now.


    • every utd dropped pt is crucial to arsenal. but personally i just think they will still win the league.

      at least u know the lowest u should finish is 2nd.

    • P.s...

      Manure losing last night means nothing to Arsenal and our title aspirations?

      Oh please.

    • I mean precisley like Spurs being without King etc.

      One extremely important fact about the GREAT 'Invincibles' side well worth noting Sfer...

      Barely any injuries to the squad that season!

    • What like us being without King, Woodgate, Dawson and Kaboul for most if not all the season?

      Manure losing last night means nothing as fas as Ar$e are concerned.

      They are not a GREAT side Fab. Only an Ar$e fan would say that whereas when a side really is GREAT fans of other teams say it. Spurs in 61 was GREAT. Ar$e in the season they went unbeaten were GREAT but you cannot really compare the curent Ar$e side with those can you????

    • You really should know me better than that.


      Yeah OK.

      The two players that made the mistake for the winner yesterday have played excellently for the most part all season.

      Only last week the press were hailing their performance against Barcelona no less.

      Birmingham played well and credit to them and to the manager especially for throwing on an attacking player. Most wouldn't.

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      • Ah ah there you are Fab.

        None of your infamous jocularity and quips I see. A little downhearted are we?

        So I take it you do not agree with Paul Merson then? Your Keeper and CB's are good enough to win something for you are they?

        Let's face it....with Fabregas you stand a chance but without him you can't outscore average teams like Brum. You are lucky Van Persil is fit again (although I am not sure he is after yesterday) because if you had to rely on Bentknee you would be in serious trouble.

        Don't take it to heart Fab. I have not had many times over recent years when I have had the chance to smile at Ar$e's misfortune so let me enjoy myself a little.

    • Afternoon Sfer!!

      Funnily enough I only came on here to give Flabby a grilling but it seems I've had a wasted journey!!

      Still, no doubt the Carling Cup's gone back to being a tin-pot trophy that they didn't really want to win anyway.