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  • sledge sledge Feb 28, 2011 19:51 Flag

    4th Place

    It seems Chelsea have made the CL top priority this season... no chance of winning the PL, and the fight for 4th is hotting up what with us throwing away an opportunity to grab 3rd place over City last week at Blackpool.
    It's pretty much a cert that ManUre and Ar$e will finish in the top 2 positions. And If Citeh take 3rd, Spurs 4th and Chelski 5th... They could trump us by winning the CL and have the last laugh, as UEFA will favour the holders taking a spot in next seasons competition over the 4th place qualifiers.

    I hadn't considered this until I read it somewhere the other day. I suppose it makes sense, but it just makes our defeat at Blackpool that much worse knowing that 4th may not be enough afterall. Even though there's still lots of tough competition in the CL, Chelsea have the firepower to win it.

    I know it's early days yet, but it's food for thought!

    So do we up our intensity to grab 3rd, or focus on the unspeakable notion of winning the CL itself?

    One can dream can't they? :)

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    • its a very big ask john.

      we will need a lot of help from chelsea & city dropping pts all over the place.

    • Looking at Chelski's and City's fixtures, I would guess that Chelski will get 70+ points and I would put City at late 60s.
      I know all games are crucial, as if we had one more earlier in the season, we wouldn't need as many points now, but the Wolves game will show what 'fight' we have.
      15 out of 18pts from home games and 8pts from 15pts away - is that doable? Looks like a tall order to me.

    • Its irrelevant, JD and VdV are going on the rampage and we're going to win the Champions League and get 3rd place anyway - its a foregone conclusion. So stop worrying.

    • i think we have to be favourites for 5th now sadly.

      we need city or chelsea to self implode very soon.

      wolves away id take a draw as they have beaten better teams than us there.

      yes we are desperate for the 3pts but i dont think we are playing well enough to do it.

    • It was indeed - when Utd went 1 up, I was ecstatic.
      With our remaining games though, you'd hope that we'd get 15 points from the home games (WHU,Stoke,West Brom,B'Pool and Brum) and maybe another 5 or 6 from the others? Will 67-68 points be enough this season though? 70 points last season - so 23 required to match it. I can't quite see it, as that would mean getting 23 points from 11 games - and that includes playing City, Woolwich, Pool and Chelski.
      Somebody needs to be scoring goals.

      6 Mar, 16:00 Wolverhampton Wanderers v Tottenham Hotspur Premier League
      9 Mar, 19:45 Tottenham Hotspur v AC Milan Champions League
      19 Mar, 12:45 Tottenham Hotspur v West Ham United Premier League
      2 Apr, 15:00 Wigan Athletic v Tottenham Hotspur Premier League
      9 Apr, 15:00 Tottenham Hotspur v Stoke City Premier League
      17 Apr, 13:30 Manchester City v Tottenham Hotspur Premier League
      20 Apr, 19:45 Tottenham Hotspur v Arsenal Premier League
      23 Apr, 15:00 Tottenham Hotspur v West Bromwich Albion Premier League
      30 Apr, 17:30 Chelsea v Tottenham Hotspur Premier League
      7 May, 15:00 Tottenham Hotspur v Blackpool Premier League
      15 May, 15:00 Liverpool v Tottenham Hotspur Premier League
      22 May, 16:00 Tottenham Hotspur v Birmingham City Premier League

    • Bad result for us last night at Scumford Bridge and for a long time Manure looked good for the three points. I think we should now be aiming at pinching 4th from Citeh again this year as I still believe Chelski will come good and last night could well be the catalyst for them.

      Wolves are another team that should not be underestimated and we really need to take three points on Sunday to stay in contention. Let's hope we have a fully fit squad and are able to regain our scoring touch because if we lose on Sunday it makes life extremely difficult for us.

      But if we do get those three points then we are in for a great run-in with some really juicy games on the horizon! Should make for an interesting end of season....COYS!

    • i guess im a lot more negative but id certainly bite your hand off at 4th. i cant see us getting 3rd.

      back to our strikers- crouch is pretty much playing his normal self- chips in with a few but mainly in the team for his all round play & now the good link up play with VdV.

      defoe- im a big fan but seems to lack confidence & also not had much luck lately in front of goal & with injuries & suspensions.

      pav- very hit & miss for me still & his all round game is pretty poor. he has had a few more starts & still not scoring. even the blackpool goal was flying wide but got a lucky deflection & dipped over the keeper.

      hoepfully we can scrape 4th & then in the summer harry should sort out the striker department. but then again he neglected it in january & still has only 1 LB.

    • My tuppenny ha'pnies worth:
      First off, there is something really amiss in the House of Stamford (Bridge). A discord if you will, one player comes out to the press and says one thing, coach and management say something else...and, I haven't read the Cashley Cole shooting story yet, but it can't really help in the distraction category.

      Finishing 3rd sounds great, and we'll all take it if offered, no doubt, but 4th will see us through to 2012 CL action...problem there is, we'll surprise no one the way we did this year.

      After the Blackpool game Harry was supposed to have said that "we underestimated Blackpool". How do you prepare your team to underestimate an opponent; I absolutely agree with Sfer that this sort of thing is what separates us from teh manure's of this world. It's a common thing said; that there are no easy games in the Premier League. yes, some teams can get on the end of a really embarrassing score, but that's because the opponent is up for it, and with little rub of the green a couple early goals fly in, the opponent's stance changes and a few more flying because you've come to win and after a bit of all out play your opponents psyche is trashed...point is...the winner earned that big victory through hard work 9that is until "Ole Time". Us? We come out like it's Ole time from the kick-off against the lesser lights of the league and then we're shocked at the force and agression that said lesser light comes out after us...we've fought back a lot this season, to our credit...but why are we falling behind in the first place?
      As for the VDV thing...well, he IS a class player isn't he, but I can't help but wonder if is flying start (and the changed formation to accomodate him) hasn't left a few of the old guard a little green with envy. if that's the case, I say, grow up, get over it and start showing what YOU can do and what class YOU'RE in. If it's not the case, well our strikers are not exactly turning in performances worthy of repeated encores in the startng line-up are they (of course VDV's goal run's slowed a little of late too, which is not a good thing...it's alright to have Crouch knocking balls down to him to stick in the net...but it seems that without Bale out there, the first ball just ain't coming...now I'm rambling...strewth...done!

    • Realistically Sledge we have more chance of being able to grab 3rd than we do of winning the CL so that is where we should be concentrating.

      That said, it could be that our thinking we don't have a real chance of winning the CL might be the best thing for us. If we thought we were going to win it we would get thrashed but if we keep thinking it's all just a great experience, who knows what might happen!

      Some odd things happen in football - just ask Brum.

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      • Have to agree with Sfer (as much as it pains me)

        In games we shouldnt get much out of we do very well more often than not and the "easy" games we throw away.

        And lest we forget the year ends in a 1 lol

      • April is a really big month for us. We have Man City and Chelsea away and Arsenal at home, the rest are all relegation fodder. Come to that, apart from those 3 games and Liverpool away, all our other games are against relegation candidates.
        We all know who have beaten us this season so far, Wigan, West Ham, Blackpool, Everton, Bolton and Manu.
        Everton and Bolton were both playing well at the time we played them but they're still not really top quality sides. SO far we have 3 defeats by the expected relegation teams.
        Wolves and West Ham are our only 2 league games in March, why???? Is it because of expected FA cup involvement and more international friendlies or WC games?