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    Team vs. Milan

    Difficult choice for 'arry.
    I think that Gomez, Daws, Hutton, BAE, Bale, Sandro, Lennon, Modric all pick themselves (even if for Hutton it's because he's the only one what's fit) - but what about the rest?
    I'm thinking that Gallas get's the nod ahead of Woody (is Woody fit? or named in the CL squad?).
    My preference would be Crouchy with VdV in the hole, but Daffy looks like he might have found some form and he's definitely someone that thrives on confidence and I suspect will expect to start. So perhaps Daffy to start with VdV coming on after 50-60 minutes?
    Will be interesting to see how 'arry manages this.

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    • Ohh is a tricky one this eh!!!

      VDV and Bale not fully fit and the little lad now finding the net. Hmm.

      I would start

      Hutton, Daws, Galas, BAE
      Lennon, Sandro, Jenus, Modrich, Kranjcar

      Then at 60 min make it

      Hutton, Daws, Galas, BAE
      Lennon, Sandro, Modrich, Bale

      Really push them for 30 min.

      I'll never make a good manager lol

    • Gomes
      Hutton Gallas Dawson BAE
      Lennon Palacios Sandro Modric

      Palacios and Sandro did a terrific job shutting up shot last leg, so why not again?

      Possibly Palacios to make way for Bale, then Modric can move back into the middle.

      Crouch starting, half time switch and let Defoe out with pace, although he scored against a poor wolves goalie hopefully he has the confidence.

      COYS! I'm excited. :)

    • Hi all,

      I love dilemas like this.

      Although it is hard being a Spurs supporter. You look at the way we defended at times against the likes of Blackpool and Wolves it seems crazy that I have a good optimism about beating AC MILAN!

      I agree about Gomes. I really think we need to look at a more consistant, confident keeper. When we let goals in he either looks embarassed or completely lost.

      My team for tonight would be:
      Hutton, Dawson Gallas, BAE
      Lennon Sandro, Modric, Pienaar
      VDV Crouch

      Im not a fan of crouch but i think we need to be stable for the first half. Theres goals in this team still and I would like to see Bale and Defoe come on second half etc. I would rather see Bale come on as sub rather than start then be subbed as i think it will have an even bigger positive ffect on the team and supporters psychologically to see him on the touch line to attack tired defenders. The only problem with this is if the game goes to extra time etc. How fit is Bale? Even half fit he is probably fitter than some other players in our team.

      Cant wait.


    • I see Kaboul, Corluka and King are all training although Bale is doubtful. Be interesting to see who Harry picks to start. Won't please everyone, unless it's strong enough to get through. COYS
      Not sure whether Dafy or VDV up front to start with. If Bale doesn't make the starting 11 we should use Modric on LM and Wilson and Sandro in CM with Lennon on the right. IMHO of course.

    • I wouldn't leave Daffy out after that performance at WW, the width of the post cost him a hat-trick. Now he's got a couple I think he knows where the goal is! I would go with Daffy and Crouch if we're playing both Bale and Lennon. Don't know how fit vdV is, so he might be only up for a portion of the game later on if called for. Pavvy maybe for Crouch or Defoe if they can't get going, but he's definitely third choice. Wilson on the bench if we have to defend for our lives in the latter stages so he and Sandro can protect the back four, who you have just picked!

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      • I'm not sure about Gomes after his poor performance yesterday.
        Back four will be who ever is fittest I think.
        Plan A
        We need to contain Milan early on so IMHO midfield should incorporate Wilson and Sandro. Lennon and Bale out wide, Crouch and Daffy to start upfront and see how it goes. Leave those 4 to get the goals, if it isn't working we can bring on any of Modric, Krankjar, Pienaar, Pav and VDV. All positive moves should we concede. I think it would be detrimental to Daffy for him not to start. His confidence must be up after the 2 goals against WW. Give him 60 minutes and see how we are doing. Can then swap him for VDV. If we are in front still, then we can continue as is, if we are behind them we can introduce fresh attacking players.
        Or plan B play Modric and Krankjar instead and leave Bale and Lennon for when Milan have to chase the game. That's if, hopefully, they don't score first.
        B might be better plan for containment, but Harry says we will attack them so who knows what team he'll pick so I expect plan A.

    • Not sure if I have confidence in Gomez any more he looks too flappy these days and does not seem to inspire the back four with confidence...sorry to have to say that, because I am sure he's a really nice guy