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  • Kentish Maid Kentish Maid Mar 10, 2011 04:54 Flag

    Sandro ...

    ... is far and away my man of the match so far! Awesome in the midfield.

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    • what potential sandro has!

      good at tackling, intercepting, passing, comfortable on the ball, foward runs, stamina & positioning!

      wilson & zokora had about half of those abilities.

      sandro has got the lot!

      he adds more balance to our very attacking team.

      i cant see how u can put hudd ahead of sandro.

      hudd has far too many weaknesses & not mobile enough to be our CM.

      i think we could get away with playing hudd & modric at home to teams like blackpool BUT against top teams & especially away from home i think u would have to go with sandro.

      i couldnt see sandro getting enough playing time to estiblish himself in the team but harry has gambled a bit with him & it is paying off.

      kyle walker looks a real prospect too. we havent a top RB in the team so we might as well go with walker from next season.

      hutton gets caught out positionally & dives in recklessly.
      corulka is too slow especially when he goes foward & we lose the ball, his distribution is poor & also gets caught out positionally.

    • I guess Patrics won't be weighing in on this thread huh...good hear this stuff about Sandro...all some of these guys need is a chance. (albeit, some need more [cough Bentley cough] than others).

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      • Loved Sandro and the fact that he has matured and become an integral part of the team (as I had predicted some time ago ... so blow my own horn!).
        On the other hand, while I have defended Corluka in the past, he looked like he has been practicing passing the ball with Palacios - what a nightmare!
        As others have commented on this board in the past - perhaps it is time to bring the young lad back who is on loan at Villa.

    • KM it was one hell of a performance he really is showing his credentials now, the past 3 games he has ran his socks off can get forward and can also defend, by far way ahead for man of the match one, of the best performances in recent times from a Spurs player.
      Also thought your boy held it together well tonight alongside Gallas, heart stopping game to watch but how good does it feel to get through this bearing in mind the hard games we have endured in this Champions League campaign.
      Well done boys you have done us proud.

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      • Now we know why 'Arry bought him mid-season and was happy for him to see out the remainder in South America. Let's not forget he helped his old club win the Copa America (or whatever it's called).

        Methinks the Hudd may well have to fight for his place when he's fully fit.

        As for my boy Daws, he blows hot and cold doesn't he. Fortunately he was in hot mode today and apart from the odd stray pass was very solid alongside Gallas. I shall have happy dreams tonight I can tell you :-))

    • It wasn't pretty, KM, but agree about Sandro...and Gallas was brilliant, two players I didn't rate a few months ago! Relief, joy and any other emotion....COYS!!!! Thought the second half would never end!!