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  • KM it was one hell of a performance he really is showing his credentials now, the past 3 games he has ran his socks off can get forward and can also defend, by far way ahead for man of the match one, of the best performances in recent times from a Spurs player.
    Also thought your boy held it together well tonight alongside Gallas, heart stopping game to watch but how good does it feel to get through this bearing in mind the hard games we have endured in this Champions League campaign.
    Well done boys you have done us proud.

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    • Now we know why 'Arry bought him mid-season and was happy for him to see out the remainder in South America. Let's not forget he helped his old club win the Copa America (or whatever it's called).

      Methinks the Hudd may well have to fight for his place when he's fully fit.

      As for my boy Daws, he blows hot and cold doesn't he. Fortunately he was in hot mode today and apart from the odd stray pass was very solid alongside Gallas. I shall have happy dreams tonight I can tell you :-))