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  • Berkshire Yid Berkshire Yid Apr 3, 2011 00:02 Flag

    What Is Up With Our Forwards?

    have to say im getting really concerned we seem to have a bunch of forwards that couldn't hit the proverbial cows arse with a shovel

    A goaless draw today with a wigan side that is rock bottom and real madrid next in the yard i am really concerned now that we will drop out of the Champs Leauge and then fade away in the prem

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    • i wasn't just talking about the Wigan game SB i was talking in general over the past few weeks.

      Im just frustrated at our lack of goals J.D just hasn't looked the same to me since his injury Big Pav im still trying to work out what it is, is it just a lack of a run in the team?

      it seems to me that we lack a spark from the middle of the park aswell there is only so much Luca can do and VDV dosn't look fully fit to me either.

    • We all see the games differently. To me the biggest problem was VdV. I still get the impression that when he plays, it's like a competition to see who becomes the playmaker. I thought Modric was anonymous early in the first half and grew into the game. VdV just buggered up the whole shape. He was all over the place.
      Sandro seemed to me to be the consistently most effect midfielder.

      As for the strikers - it was noticeable who Wigan tried to get behind us on the flanks and we went through the middle. I would have thought with both Modric and VdV, we would have made more for Daffy even playing that way, but I didn't see many runs from him either. Pav at least looked as though he was trying this time.

      Bit of a bugger though, 50pts and 8 games - 70pts? Can't see it myself. But maybe now, with the way the games have gone for all the teams chasing 4th, 70 is excessive and 65+ is more like the target? Can we do 5 wins from 8?
      To state the obvious, a Sunderland win (or draw) at least means we stay in the running and don't lose any ground.

    • i disagree berkshire.

      what foward had wasteful finishing today?!

      watched the whole game & apart from a half chance for crouch, none of the fowards (pav,defoe,vdv,crouch) had any chances.

      we created nothing for the fowards all game.
      wigan looked the most likely to score.

      watch the highlightes & u wont see any evidence of "forwards that couldn't hit the proverbial cows arse with a shovel".

      gomes was really good today, lots of good catches & punches, & a great save from mcarthy.

      dawson was a rock at the back & bassong didnt do too badly.

      modric was good & kept things ticking over.

      i would have played niko instead of jenas.

      he should have kept both strikers on because we needed the win.

      but it seemed as thou we settled for a pt which is usually good away in the prem BUT we need 3 at the moment.

      we simple didnt create anything today. but i agree- even if we did, i wouldnt back our strikers to score.

      good news-
      clean sheet away from home
      no more injuries!
      bassong did ok
      liverpool lost & chelsea only drew

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      • Have to agree with SB. The strikers didnt get any service at all, so its not that they couldnt hit a barn door, they were not given the door to hit in the first place!

        The midfield was woeful, Lennon coming on made a huge difference, but without our wingers on for 70 odd min we look like little boy lost.