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  • Hello,

    Once a regular user/abuser of this wonderful page I have since found my employment obligations have hampered my ability to post with any regularity. So it nice to be able to prioritise my time differently and use it to wish every and all Spurs fans out there all the best!


    We have nothing to lose! play like you know we can and give us somthing to savour!

    YIDD ARMY!!!!!!!!!

    now begins the sicky nervous feeling!

    Who let the yidds out?!

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    • Enjoy the game tonight Yidsters. Lets hope it's a good one.

      And good luck.

      P.S Which team was the first English side to win at the Bernabeu? (You are following in illustrious footsteps).

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      • i fear the worse but dont see why we cant get away with a 2-1 defeat which would set it up nicely for the lane.

        whatever happens, harry & the boys have done amazing to get this far & its been an adventure & a half!

        hope we get a strong ref too. i fear the ref could get conned by divers like ronaldo & the home crowd could have a big say in the refs decisions.

    • This will be the night we could put ourselves on the map! I'm not expecting much, but OMG am I hoping! I think Real will have done their homework and watched and dismantled our performances against the Milans, and they could be feeling as nervous as we are! Ronaldo could tear us apart if he has a good night, but Bale could do likewise to them! I'm trying to evoke the spirit of '63 when we weren't expecting to put five past their neighbours....just one will do tonight!