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  • Is there a point to his existence? I knew we were in trouble when he started.

    Saying that, the ref had a good game, wore that white shirt with pride!

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    • Jenas has been singled out yet again...there were a few bad players out there, some worse than JJ, who hasn't had a bad game when he's got on for us this season. At least he's got more heart than vdV, who will probably be on his bike if things get any worse. OK, he couldn't beat Ade in the air, but since when has he been a CD anyway? If there's a corner with EA lurking where's Daws or Gallas? Fair's fair, we shouldn't have whipping boys when no-one played particularly well. I think JJ is disliked just for being JJ!

    • ignore ian. he is ridiculed on his own board. & gets exposed for being stupid time & time again.

      iv been to old trafford more times than him.

    • Last minute change forced on 'Arry by Lennon being ill - don't think Jenas thought he'd be starting either. As the commentator said, if he hadn't been playing Daws or Gallas would probably have defended better against Adebayor for the first goal.

      Maybe 'Arry didn't want to ruin the shape of the team too much though I'd have put vdV on the right instead and had Crouch and Daffy or Pav up front.

      The ref was excellent in the first half but let them get away with murder in the 2nd - Sergio Ramos should have been yellow carded for his cynical foul on Bale when he'd clearly got the better of him (a red would have been harsh though welcome).

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      • jenas isnt a CL quality player. when we were a mid table team it was fine having jenas but now we are a top 6 team.

        he has a decent game now & then but he goes missing in probably 1 in 5 games.

        he is just happy to play for a team above his standard & pick up his big wages.

        i hope we sell him because when he gets a chance to prove himself he just doesnt get in the game.

        i dont think lennon playing would have prevented the 1st goal. dawson & gallas couldnt handle adebayor in the air.

        2 free headers is very poor at this level.

        yeh ramos was a definate yellow.