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  • benidorm spur benidorm spur Apr 14, 2011 20:20 Flag

    info wanted from fellow yids

    i might of mentioned that im going to the arse game at the lane, and its my first time going. cant wait to get there and just got my tickets. ive got seats in block 1 row 8 seats 1 and 2 now ive seen they are in the corner and near the away fans but i was wondering if anyone else had sat there and what is the view like. not that it really matters going ot the lane would be amazing even if i was sat on the roof.
    im staying in a hotel about 15 mins walk away and was wondering if anyone had any ideas of any prematch must do's and donts in the area. and what time is best to get to the ground to get in on time. also is there any decent boozers for a swift pint before so i can soak up the atmosphere. oh and anywhere to avoid as im with the wife and she gets a bit tasty after a glass or 2 lol.
    anything anyone can help me with would be great.

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