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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Apr 17, 2011 17:06 Flag

    Citeh in the FA Cup Final

    Can't decide if yesterday's result was a good or a bad thing for us; on the one hand good, keep 'em distracted and possibly rest a couple of players, but on the other they've just beaten Man U in a semi final. Imagine if that was us and Arsenal; it'd give us an awesome lift! What might've just happened is they might've just started to believe they can beat the best teams in Europe, and where's a good place to test that theory? And with all due respect, I think they'll be more concerned about playing us for the Champion's League than face either of Bolton or Stoke for a cup.

    Our fate's in our hands. Every game is a must win, simple as.

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    • i agree. city would rather get 4th then win the fa cup.

      hopefully we get 4th & stoke win the fa cup.

      not that i hate city or anything, but they will win shed loads of trophies in the next 10yrs under the rich arabs.

      i like to see teams who dont usually win trophies to win them.
      birmingham in the league cup & hopefully stoke in the fa cup.

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      • The facts say Citeh won but it could so easily have been the other way around and Citeh will know that. On one hand, a great confidence boost to win it but when reality settles in they will reflect on that and know they could, and probably should, have lost it.

        If Scholes had not gone it might have been different as well. Of course 4th is more important to Citeh BUT we all know that players cannot help being distracted by the thought of a Cup Final and hopefully that will work in our favour.

        I am less worried about the frame of mind Citeh might be in and more worried about what our team is thinking! Will we be up for it or just go through the motions like we have before?