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  • TottenhamKid TottenhamKid Apr 19, 2011 07:10 Flag

    Kranjcar, is he missing or what??

    Sandro and Huddlestone do not deserve to start. Nikko should be in there. If he had been in the starting lineup, Spurs would have a lot more points and not be in the position they're in now. They better not lose Kranjcar and they better get Forlan!!

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    • khumalo would be a huge gamble to throw in to the middle of our defence.

      im a big fan of sandro & feel he will be a key player for us.
      we need a top DM & he has the potential to become that.

      the problem is, for whatever reason harry would rather play hudd which leaves our defence over exposed which is why we are needing to score 3 or 4 goals to win these days.

      sandro has been in vey good form but finds himself warming the bench along with lennon who also has been in fine form.

      niko deserved to play when bale was injured & is a better player than hudd.

      oh well, back to fighting for a europa league place with hudd & jenas in midfield.

    • NOT EVEN on the bench yesterday???????? What the hell happened there, IR or what? I'd rather see Kranjcar in the lineup over Huds or Sandro anyday. Hey Harry, you have 4 points more than you should because of Niko, he's the only reason why you have an outside chance of going back to the CL next season. Nice grattitude. BTW, where the hell was Corluka? Kaboul is decent but nowhere near what Vedran is, especially defensively. If 23 goes I hope it's to Germany or Spain.....

    • niko is miles better than hudd but for whatever reason harry still persists with him.