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  • TottenhamKid TottenhamKid Apr 25, 2011 07:33 Flag

    Kranjcar, is he missing or what??

    NOT EVEN on the bench yesterday???????? What the hell happened there, IR or what? I'd rather see Kranjcar in the lineup over Huds or Sandro anyday. Hey Harry, you have 4 points more than you should because of Niko, he's the only reason why you have an outside chance of going back to the CL next season. Nice grattitude. BTW, where the hell was Corluka? Kaboul is decent but nowhere near what Vedran is, especially defensively. If 23 goes I hope it's to Germany or Spain.....

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    • I like Kranjcar too, but probably not as much as Bale or Lennon. I would be well pissed if I were Kranjcar, getting winning goals and then made a sub. I'd want to join another club and one day punish Spurs.

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      • Krancjar has been injured the last few weeks thats why he has not been in the squaad, whilst i agree he should be part of the team on a more playing basis and better than Huddlestone i think Sandro is a far better prospect and personally think he will be a great great player in future, i think where Harry gets it wrong sometimes is the team selection, when you have players like Huddlestone who are out of the team for around 4 months which he was and comes in to the team straight the way must make players like Kranjcar very angry, i think he will leave us for sure due to the fact he really is to good not to play but where i do not share your views on Sandro who i think is one of our players for the future, it has took him this season to get to grips with the premiership as our game is so much faster and more physical than the South American league and other European leagues.