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  • RAMBR0 RAMBR0 Apr 21, 2011 05:05 Flag

    Hope Beni took extra underpants

    Wonder if he soiled himself watching that match...for a first time experience the only way it could be topped is if we won 4-3!! Can't wait for his game-day experience in writing...it'llprobably go like this GLUAHAAAGGGHHH, DOH! (or something like that!)

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    • Thanks for the note with the long description of the day Beni - brought back lots of memories and felt like I was there with you! Fantastic.
      Now it looks like I will be coming over in September - so definitely planning on seeing about getting to the Lane for a game!

    • So a crap day out then eh Beni?
      Usually when I see a post that long with no paragraphs my eyes start to glaze over after the first couple of sentences...not this time mate...I was feeling the vibe along with you there...great post, glad you enjoyed yourself...yes, like junkies we all go back looking for a repeat of that first sensation...I tell you what, while you might not get THAT particular feeling, you will get others that are different but equal (Euro nights...Cup Finals [ok, not WHL, but a Spurs experience just the same])...so by all means fill yer boots mate and report back to us - just about all of us have been also know the lows on the other side of the coin...losing is never good...losing to the goons...well, need I say more, I'm sure you get what I'm on about. Again, nice one!

    • Did I sound a tad envious? :-)

    • hahahaha yep highroad it was rubbish, should of let u go haha.

    • I knew you'd hate it!

    • i dont think any other game will live up to that one, thats the 3rd time ive seen them and still havent got a win. so i think seeing the lads come off the pitch with 3 points will go a long way to to try and emulate last night but dont think i will be able match it.

      going to see if i can get into anfield in a couple of weeks. blackpool let a few in knowing there was spare seats , so im going to try there next.

      mrs beni is defo in the good books for a while.

    • You haven't bored me Beni - so glad you enjoyed the experience. Relieved that the pub was to your liking too as it's not to everyone's taste.

      All in all a great memory for you to treasure though subsequent visits may not have quite the same effect as your first time there - unless we beat the Goons that is!

      Credit to Mrs Beni for stumping up for the whole trip despite being a Toffee. Nice one.

      well ladies and gents that was the best night of my life( incase the wife reads this our wedding night isnt included in that statement) everything about the day was brilliant, we drove down early and headed for the megastore and stadium. thought i would have a look before the crowds.ended up spending a fortune but im kitted out in from head to toe so worth it. tried to but the wife a few things but shes sticking to here everton roots.checked into the hotel and went back out, went into that pub kentish said, the gilpins bell wetted the whistle and soaked up the atmosphere,great shout with that kentish and about needing ur tickets to get in thanks for that . it was great seeing so many spurs fans all buzzing and talking team selection and points we need etc. headed to the stadium in the see off lillywhite grinning from ear to ear.
      i thought the stadium was great, all the stewards were cheerfull i liked the spurs tv on in the stadium , but the moment i walked through the gangway and could see the pitch my heart raced and i was on cloud 9.the seats we had were great right on the byline and not to far back. we had a clear view of the stadium and big screen, but most importantly the right end for the vdv and hud goal.the
      the only thing that was wrong with them was i was sat next to 3000 arse fans all giving us grief about being in the lead. they had some amusing little songs for us ,but no matter what they sung it wont beat the 2-0 and u f*cked it up and 3-1 and u f*cked it the whole stadium sang back. that soon shut them up.

      great game for a lane cherry popping, vdv showed his class in his 2 finishes, daws and gallas fought like lions, modric was out off this world and the man of the match if no the last 3 weeks or so was ekkoto. he didnt stop running and supported going forward, dealt with everything and stayed calm in doing it. hudds goal was class like vdv's dummy to let it through his legs. he still looks a bit rusty but is showing the player he can be. shame for bale going off , thought he was reckless going in for the challenge after getting whalloped earlier. thought sandro was gonna finish the game off with his run in the box , hes going to be a fantastic player .
      anyway bored u all enough for the moment it was like i said the best day ever. and to finally answer the question yes there was brown trousers , sobbing , screaming, laughing, swearing and every other emotion going, but im going back for more as soon as posible.

    • Must have gone through despair, hope, fear, elation and any other emotion inbetween, bless'im! What a game though!