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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Apr 21, 2011 05:54 Flag

    Hope Beni took extra underpants

    Wonder what he thinks of the Lane... ;)

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    • Beni hope you had a great night i did, i think one of the best games of the season so far, we played well against Man City first game of the season but this was a special game for me, in the end we shaded it great advertisment for English football.
      In fairness its lovely to see two footballing sides play good open football and for all the rivalary it takes two to tango and i am chuffed i watched this game, it had everything, Man Utd fans would have loved to play this sort of football this is what there fans must miss ok they will be champions but i have hardly seen a great performance from them this year to match that tonight.
      Beni i hope this has given you the appetite to go to more games in future and hoped you enjoyed this game as much as i did, possibly not the result we wanted but as said before we play better against better opposition.

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      • I've no doubt that Beni floated back to his hotel tonight on a cloud of euphoria!

        The atmosphere up at the Lane was amazing tonight, as it usually is for a Goons game, and with him sitting so close to their fans he'd have really felt in the mix.

        I'm actually glad I missed out on the Inter Milan ticket otherwise I'd not have been able to go tonight.

        I still reckon we should have nicked all 3 points tonight though with those chances in the final few minutes.