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  • Oh dear Fabby!

    Self glorification is not an admirable trait, I though you had more class than that!

    So... 'IF' Fab knows......

    Does Fab know where Walcott is likely to be plying his trade come Feb? and who is likely to replace dear little Theo? Wenger has never been a fan of Jan, will his hand be forced?

    Do tell oh goonish one!



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    • Oh Joe...one MUST blow ones bugle hard when one has been drowned out by the windy cacophony of trombone blowers blowing at one in unison, in the belief, that because they produce greater noise it is their sound which hits the correct tones. When in fact, it is the lone bugler who finds himself atop the grassy knoll,proud, triumphant and warbling angelically.

      (That Shakespeare, he really has f*ck all on old Fab!).

      Will Walcott sign?

      Hmmmm....i do very much hope so as i believe he may well go on to become one of the very best players in world football (CRIKEY.....that sh*t Arsenal team of recent years was now seemingly crammed full of WORLD CLASS material. Just as Fab had said all along!was it not????), thing is it looks as though Walcott is holding out for a big payday, ready to scurry off to the highest bidder.C*nt. I do hope he sees sense and decides to hang around.

      What will Arsenal do if Walcott should leave?

      The same as they always have when a seemingly big character leaves, strive forward, mutate, produce yet more top class players. Am thinking Oxlaide Chamberlain already in place surely?

      This Arsenal team hasn't even begun to shine Joe.

      Grab your shades.

      You Yidsters are going to be needing them should you tune in and watch this latest Arsene Arsenal gleaming like a newly waxed F1 car surrounded by a bevvy of buxom beauties, in bikinis, with the big boobies backsides so tight they could open my bottle of real ale and.....oh.....i digress.

      Suffice to say, the future is BRIGHT!

      Much love!

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      • Love indeed Fab,

        The future is bright, it's lilywhite! why else would you be frequenting our wonderous board with such gusto? the chat not what it was on your goon board.

        Now, I may be way off the mark here, but................

        Your first paragraph reads more like the words of a man who's just achieved self fellatio rather than that of a wordsmith. Still I rather enjoyed the read and am left wondering did you resort to a rib removing operation or have you been a yogi for many decades?

        A few of us have always identified Walcotts potential, if he keeps this up he may yet reach Bales level. Although I'm not sure he will never possess Gar's physical prowess, that said his lat goal was truely somehting to behold. Sadly (for you) I suspect it will be Fergie or the fat spanish waiter who see the benefit of his further development.

        The OX has all the makings of a fantastic player and I have it on great authority he's a great guy, He was hardly plucked from obscurity though was he? anyone who knows anything about football knew about him some time ago.

        For every top class signing Wenger has made of which there have been many IE OX, Santi there have been some dire ones IE: Chamak, Denilson, Squilaci- all pants and you know it!

        For your sake (and my bro's) I hope you are right and they are 'just about to shine', mind you Wenger has been saying exactly that for what.......6 years? not shining to bright yet, but who knows what will happen in 2013.

        We have undergone at least as many changes as your goons in the last 12 months and we have lost players just as significant to the way we play, we have every reason to be just as cockahoot as you are currently, don't start crowing too early Fab, there is much football left to play.

        We need reinforcements, sadly it appears AVB will not be given any funds with which to improve our rather limited CM options.

        2013 will be an interesting one,

        Happy New Year- you old Gooner!


        The Futures Bright, Its Lilywhite.