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  • benidorm spur benidorm spur Apr 23, 2011 15:17 Flag

    transfer talk already.

    theres still 6 games left and all to play for and yet the transfer gossip has all ready started . i think with our history of spending money coupled with having harry at the helm we are going to be linked with everyone again.
    so i was thinking about who i wouldlike to see in or out as well.
    OUT- Jenas ,its time now for us to move on from him, hes been ok of late nothing special ,but ive noticed he seems to always pass backwards. his last few apperences all ive seen is him going away from goal and thats not how we play.
    Bentley-well hes never gonna be a spurs player, shame really.
    Keane- times up for him , hes just not quite good enough any more for us. again shame he was a favourite of mine for a long time.
    woodgate-sick of hoping and waiting on him, need to move on. people will say the same for king but hes earned his time with spurs imho.
    gomes- to many clangers, i know he makes world class saves but that goal against real 2nd leg was disgusting and cost us a moral boosting draw against a huge club.

    IN - kyle walker- why is he on loan when weve been screaming for a rigt back cos of injuries.
    ive always said baines from everton would be great , but ekkotto has been amazing of late so i wouyld like a left back in to support and challenge him. i dont think its worth going big on a LB money wise but we need one in soon.
    DROGBA- is mentioned on sky as some one harry likes , and why not. big strong, fast and rallys his team. he might show pave what a striker is really to do in a game.
    GYAN from sunderland looks like a player who wouldfit in, and as they are in free fall maybe a cheeky bid would get him.
    GIVEN. hes still got a few years in him and is top class. u know u can rely on him.
    RICHARDS,man citys right back is a great player and can play in the middle if needed.
    of course i would love players like benzema,kaka, milito and sneijder to come in but dont think they will leave big clubs in champsleaque .

    players i dont wanna see come in are scott parker as we have enough midfielders,and sandro looks like hes going to be a proper spurs player.rio ferdinand ,apperently we asked about him. wel no chance .hes to injury prone and not good enough anyway.

    well thats some of my views what do u all think. ??

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    • i agree jenas,bentley, keane arent good enough & should go.

      but i would add o hara, & hudd to that list too.

      i would keep gomes- made 2 great saves today. yes he makes around 5 mistakes a yr but if we do want a better keeper we would have to pay at least 20m.

      walker needs a chance at RB as hutton & corluka are average.
      i think we will find he is very good going foward but may get caught out a few times on the defensive side but he is young & learning.

      i would offer both woodgate & king a pay as u play deal & if they turn it down then let them go. king should be our defensive coach in the future!

      we need a lb to compete with ekotto BUT agreed theres no point buying enrique or baines as they would cost a lot & would be unhappy with being sub.

      i like obdewingie of wba. he would be good as 1 of our 4 strikers & he would cost around 15m i reckon.

      gyan is ok too but i feel obdenwingie stays in the game longer.

      i wouldnt bother with given. he is a good keeper but is injury prone now. 2 big injuries in the last 2 seasons.
      if we do get a new keeper, someone younger like the ajax keeper would be good. but id keep gomes.

      yes id like richards too but he plays for city & why the hell would he leave a CL team for us?!

      its going to be tough getting any top players in as they want CL football so we will have to go good players at teams who arent as good as us.

      i do like parker a lot but we have enough midfielders & he is quite old now.

      rio wouldnt leave utd for a team who isnt in the CL. he is getting old & injury prone like u say so wouldnt want him anyway.

      a new striker is a must. id like lukulu of anderlacht & obdengwengie of wba. i wouldnt mind gyan if we dont get obdengwengie.

      i know im spelling the wba player wrong !

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      • There's a rumour somewhere that Berbato$$ may return to WHL...

        Do we need him? ... Too bloody right we do!
        Do we want him? .... hmmmmmmmmmmmm... probably not! lol

        Obviously it's all gossip now... and I reckon there's more chance he'll go abroad should he decide to leave Manure.
        But I have mixed feelings about him making a return to Spurs.
        He was highly disrespectful to us, and although we undoubtedly miss his talents and could really use his class upfront... I'm not sure he'd be admired as he once was.
        Having said that, could you imagine him playing upfront with Bale, Lennon, VdV, Modric and Sandro just behind?

        Sounds good to me... If only we had him this season.

    • Is Drogba a spent force? He's 33

      Was William Gallas a spent force? Well it certainly seemed that way.

      Harry DOES get the best out of these incoming pensioners, so maybe he can with Dogbar.

      Good player though, maybe not quick enough anymore. Jurys out for me at this stage

      Agree with the deadwood clearout, although i still like Gomes for the all the clangers hes done. He appears to be slighty mad, which is a good quality, as most top keepers are bonkers. World class saves outweighs the odd clanger