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    Harry & PL managers

    Here's a stupid thought: if Harry were to go at end of season who in the PL would you want (errrrr) to replace him and why (only from PL).Some obvious non-contenders: ArsOne, SAF, Mancini....

    here's my top 3
    :1) O Coyle.seems to like creative football ( even with limited resources) and a fighting spirit.

    2) D Moyes....been bandied about before....but gets so much out of such a flimsy squad

    3) I Holloway: for his accent

    off you go!!!!!!!

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    • Can I make another point here....please.

      How much of Ronney behaving like Rooney is down to the Manager and the way he is handled? that then begs the question would he be the same under a different, less arrogant manager?

      Just a thought.

    • John very worthy points of view, the real answer to your question regarding Rooney and C/L is no i wouldnt want to trade them we are are better off as we are at present, the only thing i will say is that we have had a taste of the Champions League and we liked what we tasted, but as a team and supporters we yearn for more success. When you consider that we were the first team to win the league and cup double and have not had a sniff for fifty years for the title there is something that we would like to put right, we have had small success in other competitions like FA Cup Carling cup but nothing brilliant.
      You then look at the teams like Man Utd 19 titles, Champions League success FA cups ok these include the likes of Rooney but we have got to have more success than we have in fact to be fair we have greatly under achieved.
      We are only going to fall further behind these teams if we do not do something soon, as you know Liverpool will be spending big from now on alongside Citeh, Arsenal and Chelsea. We are so far behind these and i really do take your point about Rooney and co but once we are left behind we will have no where to go.
      Much as it grieves me to say if we are to stay where we are we need more success and obviously a much bigger ground.

    • Mel,
      I agree about the sending offs - Pepe's was harsh - but Adebayor got away with two challenges in the space of a few seconds that could have seen him off.

      As for Mourinho - it also then begs the question, what would you rather have, arrogance/ignorance and win things or meakness and no silverware (not that they're mutually exclusive)? What is the price of success?
      So far (and I know this sounds stupid), the squad seems to be made up of 'decent' players (both skill and on pitch morals - although I did originally mistake BAE's attitude for arrogance) and 'arry seems a relatively benign manager. Would you trade that for a team of Rooneys and a manager like Mourinho, if it meant the EPL or CL title?

    • Its always interesting to get every ones views thats what i like about these threads, obviously these are the opinions of the individual no ones right and no ones wrong.
      One thing i will say that Mourinio is getting above his station, at one time he was big friends with Guadiolou the the Barca manager now at the press conference he spoke with hatred for him which i find strange.
      He was out of order last night i think he opened his mouth thinking Madrid would win this one after there cup success last week but sadly they were second best to a Barca side that will take some beating.
      My opinion is that Pepe was a little unfortunate to be sent off but i really think after that Adebeyour was very lucky to still be on the pitch at the end of the game.
      But i agree KM if it ever were to be that he came to us he would need to be very restrained with his handling of referees and he cannot talk to people the way he does its total arrogance, and where he has always got away with it in the past i think it is wearing thin now and fans are not liking what they see me included, but what i would say and i know he would not be everyones choice as the new manager he can bring clubs such as ours from being nearly a good club to be world beaters.

    • I'd love to see Mourinho at the Lane but feel he'd only use us as a stepping stone to taking over at Manure, especially when you consider he only spent a year at Inter before moving to RM - where he's by no means 100% guaranteed to still be there come the end of the season. Such is the fickle nature of continental clubs insisting on electing their Presidents/Chairmen annually. Some would argue that's a good thing but to my mind it destabilises the team because President A favours Manager B who brings in players C, D and E, then is replaced by President B who sacks Manager B in favour of Manager A who then gets rid of players C, D and E to bring in players X, Y and Z until the merry-go-round starts again another year later.

      However, if he did come it should be made absolutely clear to him that last night's level of cheating and abuse of the refs would not be tolerated as that's the way he seems to encourage his teams to play - though I'd like to believe that our lads wouldn't want to play that way anyway.

      And if Hiddink turned down Chelski to stay with the Turkish national team it's highly unlikely he'd say yes to us.

      But all this is academic as 'Arry is still our manager, though as ever it's interesting to speculate isn't it.

    • Mourinho and Levy????? It would either

      A) Last two months
      B) Last a year and bankrupt us or
      C) Win us the PL and CL within 4 years

      get Huddink!!!

    • We need Mourinio he takes sides that are on the brink and makes them winners, he has stated he loves London and will be back on these shores soon whether with Spurs or not.

    • Ancelotti, because he's such a chuckle bunny!
      Avram Grant for the same reason!
      Tony Pullis for his dress sense.
      Roy because he's nice.
      Mark Hughes because he's not nice.
      But - Martinez because he would keep us playing football! He was great at Swansea, but hasn't had much to work with at Wigan.

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      • It's academic until 'Arry decides he's had enough, gets a better offer if not the England job or (heaven forfend!) gets the boot. However, if I had to choose from any of those listed so far I'd be happy with Ancelotti. But we need to be playing CL footie next season and beyond to even stand a hope of attracting a top-notch manager in the future.

        I still think Mourinho would like a tilt at the job - but only if SAF decides to stay on at Manure for another couple of years as that's the job Mourinho really covets.