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  • MEL MEL Apr 28, 2011 20:24 Flag

    Harry & PL managers

    Its always interesting to get every ones views thats what i like about these threads, obviously these are the opinions of the individual no ones right and no ones wrong.
    One thing i will say that Mourinio is getting above his station, at one time he was big friends with Guadiolou the the Barca manager now at the press conference he spoke with hatred for him which i find strange.
    He was out of order last night i think he opened his mouth thinking Madrid would win this one after there cup success last week but sadly they were second best to a Barca side that will take some beating.
    My opinion is that Pepe was a little unfortunate to be sent off but i really think after that Adebeyour was very lucky to still be on the pitch at the end of the game.
    But i agree KM if it ever were to be that he came to us he would need to be very restrained with his handling of referees and he cannot talk to people the way he does its total arrogance, and where he has always got away with it in the past i think it is wearing thin now and fans are not liking what they see me included, but what i would say and i know he would not be everyones choice as the new manager he can bring clubs such as ours from being nearly a good club to be world beaters.