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  • Kentish Maid Kentish Maid Apr 25, 2011 18:30 Flag

    So here's my dilemma ...

    ... my boss, a Chelsea season ticket holder, has very kindly offered me his 2 tickets our game on Saturday at Stamford Bridge.

    However, I can't wear my shirt or cheer if we score as I'd be thrown out. In addition there's hospitality before, during and after the game so I'm wondering whether it's worth the sacrifice - especially if we win!

    I managed it when I went to the CC game at Preston last season because I had hospitality seats - though I gave in when we scored our 5th goal because I'd had enough of keeping schtum.

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    • true kentish but a place in the europa league can only harm are league form next season. those thursday night games are no help.

      id rather we finished 5th than 6th but also rather we werent in the europa league.

      unless he plays a 2nd 11 in the europa league but u would prob end up getting in a lot of trouble if u did that.

    • I'll add my voice to those that are saying "Go!" With my current lack of Spurs mates in a position to hook me up when I'm over, I sadly have to rely on friends who support other teams (that just so happen to be playing Spurs...ohh, wonder how that happens on a randomly selected set of dates for a holiday...wink)...and not only do I go camp out behind enemy lines, I'm sitting with those that know I'm not one of them and who are gleefully ready to "out" me at the drop of a Spurs goal...in the end its all a good laugh and thorougly enjoyable (well, when we win anyway!)

      Sit on your hands when the excitement gets too much, you'll be alright (not sure what to do about screaming out (in joy or anguish!)

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      • u got to go! any chance to see spurs play.

        forget the not being able to celebrate part, i find having to stand up & acting happy when we concede harder.

        chelsea have to win to stay in with their slim chance of the title. (although utd won it ages ago but hey lets play along for excitement reasons).

        so even thou we have nothing really to play for bar 5th which could be bad thing, u can relax & enjoy it- knowing even a defeat wont effect our season.

    • Where's the dilemma? KM? You can have a good boogie to Liquidator and keep a lid on things until the final whistle, it's well worth it! I've stood on the Kop and the North Bank and kept my emotions in check....have you got the self-control? Also, where do you get a boss like that?

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      • I did that once before at the Bridge Fab - one of the first televised Sky games I believe. I sat with my Chelsea-supporting Australian cousin way up high somewhere in the East or West stand. We went 2-0 up in 20 minutes and there were a few of us standing up and cheering, but when Chelsea scored the whole stand erupted and I felt extremely intimidated to say the least.

        HighRoad, my boss has been a Chelsea season ticket holder for yonks but he's on holiday for the game otherwise I'd be going with him.

    • I have sat in the 'rival end' before now 'KM' and it is uncomfortable to say the least.

      One lesson i picked up.....do try very hard not to jump up cheering when you score. You find you want to sit back down quickly when the whole stand turns their glare upon you.