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    Harry Rant

    Harry is starting to get on me nerves. Why oh why does he contradict himself over and over again? First were good enough for champions league, then we haven't spent enough money to get into champions league, then we deserve to be there on merit, then who knows what he'll come out with next. Make your mind up H.

    And don't give me that rubbish about him being inspirational. Harry and his management team just are not good at it. Take a look at Spurs record this season against the bottom six (Apr 23rd).

    P9, F5, A10, Pts 7.

    Seven points out of a possible 27 against the bottom six clubs who are all fighting for survival. No disrespect to those teams but the Spurs squad should be beating these teams home and away. If you cant lift the team for an awayday at Blackpool then you aint gonna get a champions league place are you? In fact you aint getting anywhere.

    Think on.

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    • Did he contradict himself on the Europa?
      I thought he originally said (and this is paraphrased) ..'...the Europa is a pain/drain....'. And he recently said that he wants the team to finish as high as possible.
      Did he say something else that I missed? (Ask SB, I tend to have selective hearing)

    • Dont mind comments on the subject matter Kentish but if Old Fan disagreed then he should say why. Calling someones else's opinion bulls**t without going into why is just lazy and disrespectfull.

      The original points were re Harry contradicting himself (which he has done again in the last week with his coments on the Europa leauge) and the dismal performances against lesser oposition which is not opinion but fact.

      So if you want to add to the debate Old Fan be constructive eh.

    • i been suppoting spurs since 1948.....this is typical of them thro' the years....beat good teams....and lose or draw against teams they should annihilate.....i know, i have the grey hairs,plus bald patches to prove it....very frustrating

    • Are you moaning b,,,,,,,,s never satisfied or are you just a bunch of absolute morons. Our problem is the same as some of the others in the Premiership, we've got a great bunch of supporters who dont always accept defeat gracefully, but at least they put their brain into gear before operating their mouths. Ques. Could you do better? Ans. No you couldn't so get behind the Lilywhites instead of moaning all the time. Signed by Rocket Ron.

    • Loved the Burkenshaw team, great football and some silverware as well.

      Not much silverware of late though eh.

    • It was always going to be a tough ask to get Spurs back into the top 4 again, HR said it all along so there should be no surprises that we didn't get there. Its not a time to be calling for his head as we much better off with him than without him.
      For one he is english and still am sure he has a good eye for talent. So to all these so called supporter who are looking dump him, stop being so fickle.

      Just need to get 2 or 3 players over the summer that can make the difference. Easier said than done i know, but to be a financially viable club we will never be able to compete with paying a average player 100K-200K a week like Man City.

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      • I'd be loathed to call for his head Calgary, as I said I do like Harry and think on the whole he's done a good job. No one is ever going to please all the fans all the time and I just seem to be amongst a growing bunch who are seeing the same issues that appear to stare us in the face.

        One thing to consider is that this really is new territory for Harry. When has he previously managed a side with such potential and in a position to challenge like we are? He should be learning and only time will tell whether he sits down and looks back over this season to see what lessons he can take from it or will he consider that he has nothing to learn about managing anymore? If it's the latter then that is the time we need to worry. If however he can see ways to push that little bit more we should be in for a good season again next year.

        I suppose my biggest worry is that effectively with the spending power of Citeh and Chavski and the ability of Manure we have ourselves, the Ar$e and Pool all fighting over a single CL place. It just seems slightly unfair that half the places available have been 'sold'.

      • Did you read the original message calgary? Don't fall for the rhetoric look at the facts.

    • Well back to part of the original post I also have concerns about Harry's ability to truly motivate the team. I think he's great at getting a second wind out of some players but his comments and attitude are like having a favourite teacher at school. All the players see him as the teacher who will always mark them as 'trying hard' and 'contributing' and as a result they probably don't give that last 5% they should do.

      Look at tonight against Citeh. After the match Harry says how proud he is of the team and their performance in the match. He says how we dominated long spells of the second half and were unlucky not to get something out of the match. What he should be saying is how we played against a distinctively lacklustre Citeh side and despite having long spells of control didn't do enough or display the quality needed to deserve a result.

      Same thing against Blackpool at the weekend. Instead of saying what a good team they are, how hard it is to play against them etc. he should have been saying to the press after the game that there are no excuses for a team such as ours not to be coming away from games like that with a comfortable victory.

      At a time when the team was starting to struggle through a combination of injuries and an emotional, tiring rollercoaster of a season Harry continued to show devoted loyalty with 'whatever happens the team have done great'. What we needed was one or two players getting a rocket up the backside but it didn't happen.

      I like Harry, I really do but he's annoyed me beyond belief with his I'm the messiah, look where Spurs were when I joined routine all season long. The reality, as others have said, is that we were a quality team being guided by a manager in the wrong job who's players still loved the man (Jol) who was there before him.

    • Same ol same ol You messed up this year Harry.

    • The most worrying thing is, if we we dont qualify for champions league players wont ant to stay,especially those playewrs who have had a taste of it

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      • You said:
        >>>'"but hey, why not play defensive, when we need points to get 4th?"
        ......where do i say we should have played defensive against arsenal?!
        i said we should have played sandro instead of hudd to give more protection to the defence ***** which yes is more defensive then the team he played ***** BUT crucially john, 1 DM- 1 winger- 1 attacking CM- a attacker on the other wing & 2 strikers is NOT a defensive team! in fact its still more attacking than defensive.<<<<<

        Enough said. Isn't the above what I said? You say '...yes I want a more defensive team, but where did I say I want to be defensive...'.

        il leave it at that john. it sums up your lack of understanding.
        a bit too complex for u if u really dont get it.
        huge difference between playing defensive & a very attacking team being more a little bit more defensive but still an attacking team.

        anyway, no point us carrying on any further on this 1 if im having to explain simple things like these.

        i guess we should end this 1 here.

        i wont be bothering to read this thread again, so type away till your hearts content.

    • why don't you take your pills, draw the curtains and lie down for a bit?

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