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  • Kentish Maid Kentish Maid May 8, 2011 06:28 Flag

    Oh for a referee!!!

    How can you say Danny Rose isn't good enough? Time and time again he got us out of trouble while playing in an unfamiliar position. He linked up well with Bale down the left flank too.

    The penalty incidents were farcical - Daws was clearly pushed so the first one should never have been given thus they'd never have got a sniff at the second one. In any case Charlie Adam shouldn't have been on the pitch after his horrendous tackle on Bale. From what 'Arry was saying post-match I'd doubt he'll play again this season.

    However, what did for us was a raft of missed chances early in the second half. Even if one had been put away it'd have given us more confidence. MOTD didn't show the Defoe disallowed goal - was he offside?

    I have no idea why 'Arry didn't put Kranjcar on when Bale went off - surely a cast iron reason to make a like-for-like change to capitalise down the left. Pavy was awful - missing easy balls and chances and going down like a sack of potatoes at every innocuous challenge. I've been a supporter of his for a long while now but feel he's got to go.

    Sandro continues to be a revelation. You could see he was itching to get forward but had obviously taken on board 'Arry's warnings to stay back and help defend. vdV didn't have a particularly brilliant game and I wasn't surprised when he was subbed.

    The ref was again appalling. Blatant fouls on our boys went unpunished - he always seemed to be looking the wrong way; and what does Crouch have to do to get a decision going his way when close to or in the oppo's box? Shirt tugging, knocked over - he seems to be targeted all the time.

    All in all very disappointed we didn't take all 3 points, especially when Citeh had lost earlier in the afternoon. The only bright spot was that it didn't rain while we were walking back down the High Road.

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    • KM,
      What was the game like overall - did we create chances that we couldn't/didn't put away or was it a game where we didn't create much anyway?

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      • Overall John we dominated for the majority of the game. Yes we created lots of chances but our finishing was poor (Daffy's goal aside) with Pavy easily the worst culprit in the first half.

        It should have been game over from the the start of the second half - the lack of finishing was really what lost us 2 points because had any of the shots on goal gone in the penalty probably wouldn't have made a difference. We were the better team, no doubt about that.

        Incidentally I read this morning that 'Arry said the celebrations following Gomes's save of the first penalty was probably what caused the lack of concentration for giving away the second one.

        not_blonde and I are going up to Manchester for the game at Citeh on Tuesday. After their defeat yesterday, and with the inevitable one eye on the FA Cup, I think we have a chance to do what we should have done on the first day of the season and beat them. So I'm really hoping it won't be a wasted (not to say expensive!) journey.

    • hi kentish. i went to the game too & u definitley see more of whats going on when u attend.

      me & the people i went with (& the people around us we chatted too) got the same opinion as u.

      rose did very well considering it was not his favoured position & he was targeted by the blackpool players.good effort from the boy!

      adam should have been sent off for sure, but refs seem to let those go against us. remember flamani's blatant red card challenge on corluka.

      we all thought sandro was superb again- the DM we have needed for yrs. shame harry dropped him against arsenal, i firmly believe they wouldnt have scored 3 if he had played.
      sandro has too play whenever we face any top sides.

      practically all the fans around me were moaning about pav. he was so lightweight. i spoke to some fans who go to every home game & they all said pav is useless. some said they were at the chelsea game & when pav got subbed all the spurs fans cheered!

      also we all thought the ref was very too weak & let blackpool get away with far too much.
      they were flying in late on our players after the ball had gone, yet the ref would just wave play on.

      even when crouch came on they were just pushing & pulling him, so of course they will continue to do this if the ref lets them.

      & the adam x rated foul, clear red but u knew the ref wouldnt do anything.

      how we ended up with more yellows is a joke! they made far more fouls & i counted at least 5 late obvious yellows.

      i was calling for niko too come on for bale too as we might as well go for it.