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  • Raider88 Raider88 May 8, 2011 02:38 Flag

    Oh for a referee!!!

    Well, After last week it's not a surprise.

    3 goals that shouldn't and our 2 goals that should. 2 Wins that should be if Officiating crew did the job right,

    Charlie adams is low life. On tv and didn't have the class to start by saying he was sorry for maiming bale with a naff challenge! No class. No character. I hope he gets a similar challenge and the same result.

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    • To add, The Premier league should Follow American football and penalise players for cheating and Bad fouls by fines and bans on evidence after the game.

      I remember Robbie Fowler once telling the ref that he hadn't been fouled. Blackpool lack the class and are desperate for the points by any means. If the players knew they;d be banned or team docked points. It would stop!