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  • Sfer Sfer May 9, 2011 19:06 Flag

    Oh for a referee!!!

    have never been sure about Pav but that game made up my mind.

    Danny Rose had a great game IMO. Looked comfortable, got forward well and was much better than I thought he would be.

    Once again its down to missed chances and the need for a top class striker is more evident than ever. Kaboul looked slow both going forward and covering at the back. Useless crosses and no real link up play.

    Sandro did well again but VDV looked off the pace - again.

    As the Ref did nothing about Adam's evil challenge does that mean the FA can look at it again and meat out some retrospective punishment? That said, I think they will only do that if Spurs make a complaint and Arry is being so bl00dy laid back about everything lately I can't see that happening.

    Another poor display and another game where the tactics (playing VDV off the striker) did not work.

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    • Personally I like Pav!

      I can understand all the criticism he gets, he is slow, he's not strong enough and he seems to go missing, however I'm not sure he's ever been given enough consistent game time.

      I certainly don't think he's any worse then Daffy or Crouch.

      Danny Rose looks like he needs more opportunity, why these exciting prospects keep being sent away on loan is a mystery. Rose and Townsend have both put in really exciting performances when they've been given the chances.

      I know they need first team football and that hindsight is a wonderful thing, but one of Harrys forte's has been his supposed ability with young british talent. Most of our young prospects have been bench warming in the championship!

      Kaboul is a good defensive player but is extremely limited. Maybe some more regular football would sharpen him up, definatley not worth giving up on! I really rated him after his time at pompey.

      Sandro is going to be superb, lets just hope he's not nicked.

      VDV is a very good player! we must firstly keep him then make sure we don't have the same issue of how to utilise him next year! that much talent cannot be sold off because our coaches or management staff cannot control or guide him!

      Maybe a few new faces in the back room would help sometimes I wonder if Harry surrounds himself with his mates rather than top draw coaches!

      Its been an interesting season! I could never have imagined our CL run, but that only slightly takes the edge of the stinging PL performances, especially the more recent performances! woolich aside they've been woeful!