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  • Joe Joe May 9, 2011 20:33 Flag

    Oh for a referee!!!

    Sorry I can see the confusion there!

    I'm not sure why we see glimpses of talent in these young players, then the next thing we know they've been loaned out or sold for a pittance.

    There are many examples of players with ability, who never seem to get a decent chance! I just can't understand it. Like I said I know hindsights wonderful thing but as a club we have a history of buying young potential for it to be allowed to disappear, be sold or rot!

    Dos Santos

    If none of these are good enough and never were then who was responsible for signing them?

    If I recommend that we purchse somthing as an investment, if that investment doesn't pay off then I'm accountable! why do we continue buying if those with the cheque book are not good enough in the first place.

    On paper we have a large and very talented squad, with a good mix of experience and youth, however we are seeing poor performances week in, week out from the same players. Why if we have such a large and talented squad, surely the whole point in depth is to account for poor form as well as injury and tactical change?!

    Confused, frustrated and annoyed!