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  • Joe Joe May 9, 2011 21:03 Flag

    Oh for a referee!!!


    I agree with the vast majority of that thread, my comment on Pav is that I don't really see him as any better or worse than the other two excuses of front men.

    Agreed that Harry/Levy pissed about in January when everyone knew what we needed to do to strengthen.

    VDV isn't disciplined enough, but his potential is huge. I think he can be played off the striker if we have the right striker! and I have no idea who that would be!

    I'm trying to stay positive, our CL run was an amazing experience and we progressed to a level that I had only dreamt of. Hopefully we can learn alot from that expeience and ensure we are back their before too long.

    My biggest fear is that Harry has taken us as far as he can!