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  • A Yahoo! User May 8, 2011 09:05 Flag

    Blackpool were the better team

    Campbell and Adams could of had 3 goals each.

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    • Agree.

      They are not a good team (by premiership standards) and have little talent (apart from Adams the assasin) but they are a team.

      After 20 min on Saturaday it was blattently obvious that we were being overun in midfeild. Spurs midfeild looked unbalanced and the formation lent itself to being poor defensively with little dicipline and organisation.The result was that we made a relatively poor premiership team look good.

      What I found appaling was that there was no attempt at changing anything in that area, with the management prefering to attempt only to speed up the attack with the introduction of Lennon at half time (which worked - but did not address the issue's in midfeild and therefore securing a win).

      I think that Harry and his lot have an untenable position. They have a good squad of players at their disposal but cant beat teams that play tight and shut up shop.

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      • Have to agree with you Robin. It wasn't a case of Blackpool being better than us per say but more we were not as good as them tactically. I have been saying for a while that trying to fit VDV in the side makes it unbalanced. He wanders around not really contributing to much and certainly not getting in the box to support the other striker, whilst leaving the MF over run because we insist on playing two wide men.

        In theory our squad should be good enough to get 4th but our strike force is too weak and undermanned, our goalie is too error prone and our tactics/team selection and formation is not equipped to beat sides that fill the MF.

        Yes we look good attacking down the wings - very gung ho and exciting - but what then? We can't cross the ball very well and when we do there is nobody there to score. Whats the point in that?

        Lastly, we have no end of MF's sitting on the bench including Kranjcar and Pienaar (who have not been given enough pitch time IMO because Arry insists on the two wide players thing) but we are at bare bones when it comes to defenders. Why? We all knew we had an injury problem at the back but we did nothing about it. Instead we buy Pienaar and then don't play him - great!!

    • Erh!

      Not sure what game you watched, but it wasn't the same as me!

      Spurs battered Blackpool, If we had a striker who could actually do his job we would have massacred you.

      Initially I was delighted with Blackpool and their footballing ideals, however 'Olly is grating a little bit now. Thers was all that pap about how derisory the offers for Adam were and he's making embarrassingly low offers for championship players, now he's defending one of the worst challenges of the season.

      Back to the championshit with you! and get some undersoil heating if you ever want to play in this league again.