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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really May 11, 2011 01:41 Flag

    At least I've got a sense of humour...

    Wearing my Champions League T-shirt to the Citeh game tonight; perhaps I should leave it behind when we go...

    No NBR! Keep the faith! For the next 3 hours at least...

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    • lol, i like your humour & defiance.

      u should have worn 1 that said "the champions league, its overated anyway!

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      • Well I'd like to congratulate Citeh on finally getting there.

        I admire their approach (to the agents of the worlds best players with bucket loads of cash)
        Their defence (of spending such sums) takes some beating.
        Their determination (to keep spending) and push until the goal was achieved deserves credit (and they got plenty of that to play with).

        They took a good look at the Chavski business model and decided that by applying it to a larger scale they could achieve even less. Priceless (as everything must seem with their funds).

        Bitter, moi? Never. It does sort of ruin it for most of the other 90 teams whose chances of ever enjoying such success are greatly reduced though.

        On tonights Sky coverage there was a shot of the directors box and the commentator stated how proud they must be. Proud of what, being given a bottomless pit of somebody else's cash to spend and managing to actually secure 4th place?