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  • lynda AWOL lynda AWOL May 11, 2011 05:30 Flag

    fair play

    Thing is SB, without CL footie next season some of your key players will most certainly jump ship.

    The fact that Spurs have now tasted CL footie will make urge to seek greener pastures stronger for them.

    I'd be really surprised if Harry manages to hang on to all your key players at the start of next season.

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    • hmm not so sure. which 1 or 1s would u back on leaving?

      i think if we dont get 4th next season then modric,vdv & bale will be gone.

      but i reckon modric & bale will stay for next season.

      i can see vdv wanted to go. he is a very good player but also very akward to fit into a system.

      him going would solve that problem, although id rather keep him!