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  • Beni-whilst a fat shiney trophy sounds wonderful,

    15 games to get to the final (I think)? with a pretty poor cash incentive, wouldn't you rather we used our energy else where? League? FA cup?

    Thursday night games can kill league form!


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    • Joe, Thursday night footie didn't affect our form a couple of years back when we got our second successive 5th place under BMJ.

      But I'd rather us get Europa footie via the league than Fair Play - though that doesn't mean we shouldn't be proud of ourselves for playing clean football and respecting our oppo and the officials ;-)

    • We won the UEFA cup in 72 and 84, not to mention the ECWC in 63, and I regard every one of those achievements as a triumph. Same as the 4 League Cups that we have won. Any wanting out or not in these competitions seems like belittling the past. We would all like to win the Champion's League, and the Prem, but only one club can win it in each case, and that club won't be us because we are not good enough yet. We are however good enough to win the Europa League and a domestic cup, and I would be absolutely delighted with one/both, and fourth next season. We are a big, ambitious club playing superb football, but not yet the biggest or the best, and not yet big enough to reject wanting to win anything. Channel 5 on a Thursday! PLEASE! COYS!!