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  • benidorm spur benidorm spur May 13, 2011 14:54 Flag

    fair play

    HRJ that is one of the best statements i have read in a long time, and shows a reasoning and respect for football and our past achievements.

    its very true that the only thing that seesm to matter is the league title and champs league football. even the FA cup is going to be played along side other games this year. no one seems to care about the value or tradition of the FA cup , league cup or what is now the europa league. but i think what would arsenal do to have one of those trophys , theyve gone 6 years and are a big club who have won nothing . i dont want to be like that. europa league will be hard with all the games but wouldnt u rather big nights against the likes of porto and benfica then hearing about how others getting on when our team is off.

    if we are to become a great side we have to learn how to rotate and balance our squad, we need to learn what type of players can cope with the pressure and how many players we need.and after this year we obviously need some work on the euro nights hangover and another year on the bounce will help that.and its realistic we can win too raising the clubs profile even higher.