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  • HRJ- I am increadibly proud of everything we have achieved throughout our history and I think we have have had a season to be proud to.

    I want us to be playing in th CL, we have played some of the most entertaining football in europe this year and I think the CL is a better place if we're involved. The atmosphere I witnessed at the Lane this year during CL games was electric and I want us to recaputure that as regularly as possible.

    I'm not belittleing our past achievements, however I want to progress, for me thats regularly qualifying for and playing in the CL. That is the highest possible level we can play at and thats where I want to to be tested.

    Whilst playing in the europa league would undoubtedly provide some entertaining thursday night football, I think it is likely to impact our ability to mount a top four challenge, especially as the EPL is likely to be even more competative next year with. With what is likely to be 8 very strong teams I think it may take most if not all of our energy to be in the top four.

    Unless we strengthen our squad, I see us having many games for us to realisticly compete in all four competitions. If it means prioritising in order to reach a higher level I would certainly consider that!

    COYS -